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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Natter night 10th August 2015.

Although it was quite windy at least it was a dry evening and warm enough to wander and work outside.

First tree tonight is Ken's Golden Yew, which has featured on the blog a few times, was given a good clip out.

After a discussion about which branches should be removed and what the planting angle should be. It was decided this was the best angle to be.

The white chalk line on the pot shows the way it will be repotted in spring.

John G brought this Larch for some advice and branch selection.

After removing unwanted growth, John will now wire the tree and bring it back next week to be styled.

This small Azalea which is another of Ken's,is suffering quite badly at the moment. So it was discussed and decided the pot it was in was too shallow and the compost was far too wet.
It was replanted into this much deeper pot in Kanuma compost to try to revive it.

Ken also brought this common Ash tree, but there was not enough time to do anything other than clip it a little.

The odd couple enjoying the fine weather.

Yet another successful night enjoyed by all. 

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