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Monday, 19 October 2015

Natter night 19th October 2015.

It was one of the nights that no one brought any trees to work on, so we decided to do some of mine.

I thought as this Larch had dropped most of it's foliage that I would remove the rest and then add some wire and do a restyle.

Worked out quite good.

Next was this Pyracantha, which is an air layer from last year.
We were amazed how much root it had grown since being severed from the main tree. 

Now potted up. Potential as a Shohin in a couple of years.

This Maple, also an air layer and severed at the same time.

This also had loads of roots.

Also Shohin material.

Just for fun we decided to heavy wire this Larch and do some serious bending, just as an experiment.

The result, a very small tree with loads of movement.

We really enjoyed the night of trying some thing new.

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