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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Natter night 30th November 2015.

The rain finally stopped tonight,{ for how long I wonder,} however it still amazes me that my regular visitors turn up week after week to my natter night.Which proves I am not the only one in the area that is fanatical about small trees.

My Bonsai day started early today when Mike R came round and we decided to do some work on this Chinese Juniper.After we had a close look we decided we had to remove two large branches in order to reduce some of the inverted taper on the trunk. With a little bit of gentle carving it is looking a lot better.

This is a photo of the tree when I purchased it and shows the swollen part quite well. 

The carving needs to be more refined, but is well on the way to looking more natural.

This False Cypress had only two branches left alive on it, but it still made quite a nice image after some work was done.

This very nice Scots Pine is on it's way to Cornwall for a workshop with Bjorn Bjorholm.

It was discussed as to what will be the final image that will come from this tree, but there are so many options.
No doubt Bjorn will bring out the best in it.

Hopefully I will have some photos in a couple of weeks time.

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