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Monday, 15 February 2016

Natter night 15th February 2016.

What started as a quiet night turned out to be a busy one after Ken M arrived with a pot made of fiber glass and we were looking for a tree to go into it.

Quite a unique pot, but nice. 

All I had was this collected Hinoki, so it had to be this.

The branches are a bit to long but hopefully we will get some back buds to work with.

Once potted we used some pull wires to open up the foliage mass to allow light in.

Also tonight I had a close look at this Acer Palmatum to see if the buds had started to swell before doing a repot. It is not quite ready so all I did was clean up the surface of the compost to get rid of some weeds.

A new pot for this Virginia Creeper, which was in a plastic pot.

Another good night over once more.

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