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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Natter night 21st October 2019.

A quiet night as regards numbers but a busy night as regards work done.

This Chamaecyparis  obtusa was gifted to me by a neighbor and left out as a test for Kevin to do a first styling on.

Which he got straight into with some vigor.

The boy has certainly learned a lot over the last few months as this is the result of his effort.

A good job well done.

Another new boy ? no just me showing that hair restorer does work.

Kevin brought this Ivy to work on but as he was busy I added a little wire and moved some of the branches for him.

Ken M brought this nice Scots Pine.

This was tackled by Boxy.

A lot more to be done, but will have to wait until next week as we ran out of time.

Another really good night with great company.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Studio display.

My studio display for natter night was with the last two trees I have been working on.

Natter night 14th October 2019.

The day started with a run out to pick Boxy up to come for our evening get together, I took the camera with me to get a pic of his Deshojo Maple as it is in its Autumn colour.

I decided to do some work on this Chinese Juniper as it was looking a little untidy.

After a little wiring and a trim I cleaned up the bark and treated the Shari with lime sulpher.

Graham's main tree for tonight a Pyracantha in need of a trim.

After a light trim ,Graham added a little wire.

It now looks much neater.

It even looks better from the other side.

This Buxus is one that Ken left a while ago, it needed some work done, so Kevin got to work wiring it.

Boxy also helped.

Then he tweaked it to make the start of a windswept style.

Some good work done tonight as well as a good laugh.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Deadwood treatment.

I have been working on the deadwood on my White Pine and think it turned out quite good.

Trees look much better when displayed.

I have also been thinking about a new pot for it, maybe this one by Barrie Somerville.

Some nice Autumn colour on my Berberis.

This Acer is also looking good.

Friday, 11 October 2019

White Pine restyle.

A total restyle on my White Pine.

After a disaster last year when this White Pine was left out in the rain and got far to much water, it suffered a lot of lost branches.

Now back to good health, it is time for a restyle.

I am very pleased with the result.

The dead wood will be worked on at a later date.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Natter night 7th October 2019.

Once again I have been very busy and not had enough time to do my blog.

Now I have stopped for the day here is my post from Monday night.

The evening started off on a good note with the weather on our side.

Boxy took the opportunity to wash the trunk and Shari on this Juniper.

High pressure washer.

After a clean and a coat of lime sulpher.

Kevin brought back this Australian Pine to get the cut off stump made more natural.

Turned into Jin, it now looks better.

Ken's second Common Juniper.

After a trim.

Graham's Litterati Juniper was also worked on.

The pads were opened up a little.

We also had a visit by Peter Thorn from Bonnie Scotland, who was doing a wood carving course near by.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Bonsai Thursday with Dave.

It was nice when Dave came today, as with the amount of work I have been doing lately was put on hold, even for a couple of hours.

After the coffee was made, we discussed this Buxus group and decided it needed some work.

After a bit of wiring the trunks were spread out a little.

Some of the lower foliage was removed, to expose the trunks better.

A little clip and it now shows some shape to the canopy.

A nice relaxing morning.