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Saturday, 31 March 2012

My garden today

The new benches in the top green house

My shade house and pot store.
I have had a busy week tidying up the garden and greenhouses, it had to be done as I use the greenhouse to overwinter my trees and my wife uses them to grow veg in summer.I am still using one of them to keep collected material in for a while longer, to give them a good start then I will transfer them to the shade-house

Nice to see the trees with foliage on again and the benches full once more.

Trident Maple

This is my Trident Maple I got from Willowbog last year,

Since then it has been re-potted and had a good clip out.

As you can see it has been turned round, the back is now the front !
Right or wrong I like it better from this side.
I always thought this tree needed a much bigger canopy than it had, because of the size of the trunk and as a result of this I will be feeding very strongly this year to promote new growth. I think and hope the tree will look a lot better if I do the work needed correctly !

So far so good it is looking very healthy and putting on plenty of growth.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A bit of fun

For last nights natter I created this accent plant and waited to see if anyone knew what it was !

Did you guess ?

It is the flowers off a Cauliflower !

Cotoneaster update

The Cotoneaster pic I promised, as you can see it needs a lot of work but the potential is there. We will give the tree a rest for a couple of months then start to neutralise the cut ends and then create some Jins .The planting angle also needs to be changed slightly.Tony W is coming to pick it up today so I will show him how to clip it back to promote new growth and back budding,so we have more foliage to work with.
All in all I can foresee a great image emerging over the next few years. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday Natter March 26th

I do not believe this weather, three summers this year so far,Sat,Sun and today. Joking aside the trees are liking it as much as me,they are shooting away fast at the moment,hope it continues ! I had 6 visitors today and had a busy night, potting, wiring, de-wiring and clipping. 

Here we see Ken M busy de-wiring a nice Hawthorn.

Tony W brought this Cotoneaster which he collected some time ago, it caused a lot of discussion over which branches had to go and which ones to move.So three or four of my visitors attacked it, led by Mike R who will not admit to having a good eye for design but he has.

Guilty look from Tony W as he heads to the studio to pinch more of my wire to use as guys to move some of the trunks. It got to dark to take another picture so I will publish one tomorrow.

Mike telling John & Simon yes that is what we are going to do,never mind what Tony thinks, its only his tree and that does not count!

Caught you again Sue drinking coffee as usual.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Novice workshop

Just a few pics of the workshop today as we were quite busy and forgot to take any more.

The tokanoma

It looked and felt like summer had finally arrived at last.

All in all a very enjoyable day.

Perfect day

It all started when I wakened  around 5 30, [ I wish I could sleep in just for once].I got up and ready had my usual coffee,fed the cat then went outside into the garden, it was still only 6 30 so I put my stuff into the car and set off for the novice workshop at Willowbog. It was a little bit misty but warm for March anyway,a little way along the road the sun was trying to break through the mist.

I just had to stop for a quick snap then meandered on my way,the road was very quiet for once nobody was about just the way I like it.

Turning on to the military road and on into deepest Northumbria, I had to do what nearly every one does and snap the most photographed tree in the country.

For those people that do not know this is the one on Hadrians wall.Misty and mysterious.

I turned on to the road up to Willowbog for the last 5 mile which is just single track, the mist was getting thicker. As you drive up this road you pass by some very ancient Hawthorn.

The sun still trying to push through the mist.

I pushed on into Kielder forest but had to stop just once more,for more snaps.

Something eerie about this place.  

The early morning mist on cobwebs on the heather.

Then out of the mist there it is Willowbog.

The gate was locked but this did not matter to me I just stood and took in the peace and tranquillity that is Willowbog at this time of day.

I know why Peter and Jean love this place so much! 

Peace perfect peace!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

John R a long standing friend

John R has been a friend of mine for a long time now and just lately he has been on a downer,why ? because of an otter attacking his carp pond,so much so he has found a new and safe home for them and is in the process of filling in the hole left in his garden. Going to need a lot of rubble John.

Cheer up John you still have your trees to look after.

Below we see John tending to his trees, a lot of them he has grown from seed.

A nice Pine.

Larch. Grown from seed, Germinated in 1989

A nice Fuji Cherry in flower.

I do not know if these two are keeping an eye on John but someone has to.

Just joking John.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Kiyohime Maple update

My Kiyohime maple just seems to be improving every day,the foliage is getting really good and green.I really cut back the roots when I re potted in January but it has gone from strength to strength and seems to be thriving.

I must find a sheltered spot in the garden for it this year as it suffers a lot from windburn in the summer,

Natter night 19th March

I had a busy night last night with Ken, Sue and Mike coming along to my place,Mike spent a long time clipping back some of the Hawthorns we collected last week, this serves a double purpose of being able to see where the tree is going and also gives the roots a better chance to recover, by not having to much foliage to support.

Ken brought a couple of trees to re-pot,one was an Oak which had been in a tub with no drainage holes in for about 2 years, it was in ordinary soil from the garden and very soggy, it will feel and grow a lot better in a mica training pot with good compost and drainage.His next tree yet another Hawthorn which was in a washing up bowl now has a proper pot and looks quite nice.

Just needs time to recover then a bit of wiring and shaping to turn into a decent tree.

Sue brought this Chuhin sized Hemlock for a clip and wire,still needs the right hand side done but is starting look more open so you can see through the tree to give more depth.

I have a habit of buying small pots when I am at shows just because I like the look of them and think they are different.I am getting quite a collection now here are just few of them.

Maybe one day I will use them for accent plants,but until then I will just look and enjoy.