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Monday, 30 April 2012

Mayflower!! in April !

Who said the Hawthorn was the Mayflower? Maybe I should call mine the April flower !

Must be all the sunny weather we get here in Cumbria, Ha, Ha.

Not that many flowers but flowers all the same !

False Cypress, pinching out.

I have just finished pinching out on this False Cypress,it took me about one and a half hours, but has been worth the effort.

I have also cleaned up the trunk and Jins which were covered in green algae, next job is to apply another coat of lime sulphur.
I like to keep these trees quite open in foliage to prevent die-back on the inside and promote back budding.

This is a small accent I made up for the B S A show in March,now out in flower.

The table is made from a slice of Cherry wood and three bits of dowel then polished,simple but good! 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Potting marathon

I have just spent the last day and a half potting trees for Anthony from down on the coast.

This is how they arrived,the very back one is a Maple and in front of that a silver birch both of which are patio trees.
The pot at the front contains Dawn Redwoods,two of them are dead,the other two I have potted into separate pots.

From this photo you can see the task in hand.

These trees had not been potted in quite a long time and were in desperate need of some space to grow in.

The following photos are after potting.

Mugo Pine

San Jose Juniper

Two Chinese Juniper

Field Maple

Another two Juniper

Lime tree

Thats all for now going to watch the Moto G P.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Beech Forest repot

I was tasked with re-potting a quite large forest of Beech so I started this morning.

As you can see there was very little Nebari showing and has been pot bound for a number of years. 

I have only removed about an inch around the base and underside just to get rid of the matted roots and give them some new compost to grow in.

I then started to expose the Nebari and by doing so reduce the size of the mounds they were growing on.

There are still some crossing roots to be removed at a later point{not to much at once}

The trees now look as if they are growing on the mounds rather than out of them.
This group will probably be potted again next spring and have more Nebari exposed.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Collected Hawthorn update

One of my collected Hawthorn is continuing to grow really well and extending very fast,I am very pleased to see this as it makes me more confident that the tree will survive the collection process.

It is also still producing new bud's further down the trunk which bodes well for the future.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A little pruning

I have been doing a little bit of pruning on my recently acquired Heather this morning.

Looks a bit thinner than it started.

I started by removing branches that were crossing or in the wrong place, then removed all the terminal's of the branches that were left to promote back budding.

It took me quite a long time to go through all the end's, but will be worth it eventually.

In the bucket is the remnants of what I removed,about 90% I would say, but this should pay dividends in the future,as the root's recover.

Well that's a start!!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My latest challenge

This is my latest challenge that I have set for myself.

A small piece of heather!!!

I was given this to put in my garden, but when I looked closely at it I thought now that could be a good challenge and decided to put it in a pot.
It seems to be back budding where the light has got through to the inside, so in the near future I will clip it back really hard and also remove some of the branches to open it up.

So watch this space and wish me luck!!!!!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Natter Night 23rd April

A quiet night tonight with only 5 visitors but still very enjoyable.
Sue brought 2 nice little maples for a little clip out.

While I was waiting for people to arrive I was standing at the workshop door and looked up to see this flying about above me.

A Buzzard soaring away, what a lovely sight from my own garden.
Just as well I had the camera handy for a change!!


I finally managed to snap a couple of my most regular visitors today.

A pair of Goldfinches.

First pot

I was asked to do some potting up by one of my occasional visitors yesterday and thought I would share some pics with you. 

An old Oak, before potting.

After potting very nice flare at the base.{ just needs some branches}

A small Juniper before.

After, needs to recover then it can have a styling and could end up quite nice.

Squamata  Juniper before.

And after.
Needs to be styled also but desperately  needed potting more.

I fully expect these trees to thrive and grow much stronger now they have their feet in some good compost.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

First clip out, Hawthorn.

Looking round the benches this morning I decided my Hawthorn was starting to look a little unkempt so it has had it's first clip of the season.

This is before clipping,

This is how I do it, first the top of the pad with a nice sharp pair of shears {the sharper the better} 

Then the underside ,just to remove any hanging leaves.

This system I have found over the year's has a double effect, it increases the ramification and help's to reduce leaf size.

I can hear everyone shouting ! { I bet he is cutting leaves while clipping this way} but unless you are putting the tree in a show does it matter, as long as you get the right result!

It work's for me!

Not a lot of foliage removed but what a difference to the tree.

I usually leave the flower's on until they have finished then clip them before they form into berries, just so I can enjoy them.

Also I tend not to wire until the leaves have fallen at the back end of the year because I can then see what I am doing, I also go all over the tree and remove the tip's of the thorn's as they are lethal. 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Willowbog Novice Workshop

Planned or not Peter was away at Alnwick castle today so left the workshop to myself and Terry to run. there was 7 students to attend to ,so we coped quite well and I think they all went away happy with what was achieved.

First of all Peter had not set up the usual display in the Tokanoma so this was my first task.
I chose this nice Acer from the greenhouse and used a small Hornbeam as an accent,quite effective. 

Here we see Terry helping Peter G.

Here we have Wendy and katie with Mark watching very intently as they work on a little Chinese Elm assisted by me , who was behind the camera.

This is a Hawthorn belonging to Keith from the north east {sorry Keith I did not get you in the pic}
I persuaded him to change the angle it is planted at then tried to tell him where to place the branches,then as time was getting on I said give me some wire and I will show you! 

The large branch on the right will be shortened and Jinned at a later date, with a bit of clipping and loving care it should become a nice image.

Anthony in the foreground working on a Juniper,John B doing a repot of a Hemlock and look in the back I did get a pic of  Keith!

I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Look how its changed,Hawthorn

Found this old pic of my Hawthorn today don't know when it was taken but must be a long time ago, 

Filled out a lot has it not?

This is another reason why it is a good thing to take regular photos of trees and keep them on computer,you can find out when they were taken.It's a great way of keeping records!!

Japan Bonsai/Shohin Trip Osaka

Found this on you tube from bonsaimikemedia and thought I would share it with you

Some really nice trees and gardens

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Bonsai Art of Japan episode 25

Just received the latest episode from Bjorvala Bonsai well worth a look.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Natter night 16th April

6 visitors tonight and what a motley looking crew they were

From the left, Tony trying to hide, Simon asleep standing up,John giving Mike a funny look,and in the front Ken looking very serious .

Sue wondering what they are all talking about.

Sue was the only one who brought a tree tonight, a nice Hinoki Cypress for a clip out.

Before clipping

After clipping,you can see the foliage that I removed lying on the bench,quite a lot for the size of the tree but it has left the tree looking a lot better.The trunk line and branch movement can now be seen, a little wiring and a good season's growth will see this tree even better than it is  now.

Another good night was had by all.