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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Out of bounds update

Sad news something attacked my Blackbirds nest about a week ago and destroyed two of the eggs, since then the female has not been around and who can blame her.I would say the eggs would have hatched in just a short time but not now.!I think it must have been a rat or something like that. Nature can be so cruel.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Natter night 28th May

Another lovely sunny day which enabled us to work outside in the garden for a change,Ken who was one of four visitors,brought this Fir tree "not sure of species" to have a little more wiring and styling.

Above is just as I started to style as I forgot the photo.

This is it after. This is a very slow growing tree so it has to left a long time to enable it to put enough growth on for styling.

I have been tidying up some of my trees and pots today also,below are a few photos.

Hawthorn forest, filling up nicely.

Acer Palmatum, looking good and thriving.

False Cypress.Boulevard.

Squamata Juniper.

Boulevard Sulphur Spray
All of my trees are really enjoying this spell of Summer we are having at the moment and growing very nicely, lets hope we have a lot more.!!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Video of the day

I found a video on you tube today and think it is well worth a look at.

Bonsai works of divinity.
click on link below

If you have not seen this video have a look, great trees and an inspiration into the life of Bonsai! 

Friday, 25 May 2012

Literati Juniper Nolanders 2009

This is my Literati Juniper as it was in 2009 at the Nolanders trophy, I just found this photo on Google and borrowed it as I did not have one from the show.

This is the way the tree looks as of this morning after I had just finished some light pruning.

A bit of a difference now the foliage has filled out.

Another visit to Kens

Yesterday I went to see Ken M as he had a couple of things he wanted some help with.

When I arrived Ken was busy planting rocks in white gravel in a pot,[ I told him they wont grow] but he just wanted a little bit of outside inside.

I started with clipping on this Hawthorn while Ken got the sausage going on the BBQ.

Pork and apple sausages in a roll with a beer to wash them down,he better watch out with treats like this I could turn up more often.

Ken also has a couple of tall Junipers in pots that started out as patio trees, slowly but surely they are turning into Bonsai.

This is it after a clip out and some wiring,some way to go but another couple of seasons and who knows!

Glorious weather and good company, a great day out.

thanks Ken.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Who's a lucky boy ?

Yesterday the postman brought me a package that I was not expecting, it was marked as being from Bonsai Focus magazine. I thought I did not order anything and wondered what it was, imagine my surprise when I opened it to find a copy of the Nolanders Trophy XIII. I seem to recall visiting the focus web site a few weeks ago and clicking on a box that said " click here for a chance to win a copy". For someone who is not lucky at all I was very taken aback but very happy.

My thanks to Bonsai Focus for such a wonderful gift.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Natter night 21st May

A quiet night tonight with only the usual three, Sue, Mike and Ken,who brought his very nice Taxus for a bit of a prune.

This tree you would not believe a couple of years ago Ken nearly got rid of it as it was suffering badly from exposure to the elements,namely cold winds up where Ken lives.So I brought it down to my place and within about six weeks it recovered so much he took it home again.Then lo and behold it started to decline again, so we erected a windbreak for the summer months and in winter it is kept in the greenhouse. This system is working very well as you can see from the photo above.

OOPS!! did I say a bit of a prune?

Well Ken was pleased with the outcome,with a little more wire and clipping this tree will look even better.

I got into one of my moods this afternoon and decided to do a neutralising job on one of my Hawthorn just to get rid of the big stumps.

I do get carried away sometimes.

One thing it is much lighter now.

I thought my head was leaking but it turned out to be sawdust!! Honest!

Again a quiet but enjoyable night.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Novice workshop May 19th

Only three students today for Terry and myself to look after as Peter was otherwise engaged.I think he thinks he knows everything about Bonsai now so he does not have to come to workshops any more!!!

First off we have David from Penrith who brought along a number of trees to work on and get some advice.
Below we see some of his trees, very nice and growing very well and healthy.

Next we have Barry here being assisted by Terry working on a nice White Pine.

Next we have Peter G { oops no photo of Peter but we all know what he looks like ]

This was Peters main tree of the day a Chuhin sized Yew, before we started wiring.

This is it after, not a good photo but the structure is there now for future development.

Jean does not just make soup and sandwiches she also works very hard around the nursery to keep things in order. 

Another blast from the past is Mike B who is rekindling his interest in Bonsai, nice to see you again Mike.

Once again another good day enjoyed by all.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Liverpool trip update

Had a good two or three days in Liverpool this week,apart from no Bonsai.There were some trees though some Dawn Redwood planted near China town, to big to dig up!!

Anyhow someone might miss them.

The entrance or exit to China town Liverpool.

Nice cruise ship berthed on the Mersey, I didn't hang about cause I was starting to feel seasick.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Not at home

Me and the misses are away for a couple of days, guess where!!

This one above is just for the Bonsai eejit,looks like Liverpool has the iceberg that sank that ship of yours, [ Titanic ]

Even my wife could not resist the charms of Mr Lennon !!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Natter Night May14th

Busy night with six visitors.

First off, Sue with a very small Hemlock,lovely little Shohin.

Paul with an Ilex, given to him by Ken,just been potted so no styling.

Paul's son Ed with a Chuhin size Sulphur spray boulevard he has had for a while now.I set him the task of cleaning the algae off it,busy lad.

Ken as usual turned up with another two Scotties, this one for some bud selection which he did assisted by Mike. Needs some work done on the Nebari!

This one we looked at last thing and decided to wire a couple of branches,then remove some,then wire some more,anyhow you know how it goes.

This is the result, looks much more structured.

Another good enjoyable night comes to an end all to soon.

Forgot to mention my Blackie now has four eggs.

Dawn Redwood 360 video

I am trying something new{to me anyhow] a video of my Dawn Redwood.I have even put it on you tube,{arn't I getting clever]

It is not very long but everyone has to start somewhere.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

How I got the name Ronin Bonsai

People keep asking me how I got the name Ronin Bonsai.

Well here goes with an explanation.

Once upon a time long long ago I used to help put a stand up at our local flower show,but in 2005 we had a very bad storm and a lot of the town was flooded including the area where the show was held,so it was cancelled that year.The following year I did not hear from the two lads that I used to do the stand with so I assumed we were not putting a stand in,WRONG!!. I went down to the show area on the Saturday afternoon to give Peter from Willowbog a hand to unload and put up his stand and the lady who organised the show for the council came through the marque, saw me and asked where our stand was as someone had booked the space.Being the gent I am[ha ha] I said I would fill the space, but it would not be up to the standard we normally achieved. So in just four hours I had built and stocked a stand of sorts,no time to prepare trees or nothing but it did not look to bad.

We used the name Northern Dragon Bonsai but I thought I should change it as I was on my own, my son came up with the name Ronin.
I asked why and he said a Ronin was a masterless Samurai and as I was left on my own I thought this was quite appropriate.

At some time on the Sunday the lady organiser came round and thanked me for filling the space for her and being the mug I am I booked the space for the following year saying I would build a stand she would be proud of.This turned out a surprise for me as well as I was awarded the best in show.2007.

Since then the name has stuck.

BSA Juniper update

I have just been tweaking my Juniper that won the work in progress section at the last BSA show.{ I had to borrow this photo from the Bonsai Eejits blog as I did not take one myself}

The class was work in progress,so I thought it was time to start progressing with it.

This is it at the show.

This is it now.

I have moved some branches to give it a more elongated look to the foliage and I think it seems to flow better. All it needs now is to fill out and ramify more.