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Monday, 30 July 2012

Natter night July 30th

A couple of extra faces tonight, in the shape of Paul M and Simon Mc as well Ken M and Mike R.Although there was still only one tree brought by Ken, a collected Common Juniper which is suffering some die back,cause not known but could be due to the wet weather we have been having lately.

So after cleaning out the dead foliage we removed the weeds from the surface of the compost and found it very wet. I do not think this should harm the tree as it was collected from a bog about three years ago, so should be used to wet conditions.Ken has left the tree with me for a while to keep an eye on, so I will try to keep it a bit dryer and see what happens.By removing all the dead foliage now we can see if any more dies and investigate further.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Trident Maple

What else can you do on a quiet Sunday morning but work on your trees, I have been doing a little clipping and wiring on my Trident Maple and think I am getting somewhere with the canopy now.

It still needs a little more on the apex but the way it is growing it will not take long.I always thought this tree needed a larger canopy than it had when I acquired it and now think it is looking more balanced and in keeping with the size of the trunk.

My second tree today is another Maple,this time an Acer Palmatum which I have owned for some years now.This tree is baffling me somewhat as for the last few years it comes into leaf in Spring,looks good all year, has very good colour in Autumn,but it never grows any extensions. 

Maybe next year I will try it in a slightly larger pot to see if it makes a difference to it.  

Thursday, 26 July 2012

A trip to the lakes.

I was a little bit on the bored side this morning so me and the wife had a run out to the lake district, the weather did not look to good on the way there but lo and behold the sun came out, that's two days in a row.
Here are a few photos of the day,does anyone notice anything strange about the Moot hall clock?

It was about half past twelve,which I had to check on my watch as the clock does not have a big hand.

A little bit murky with the hills holding the clouds, but you can see how beautiful it is here.
I think because we live so close we take the Lakes for granted, we must visit more often!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My garden today.

I have just had a walk round my garden in the sunshine for a change and everything is looking fine, my Bamboos are thriving and putting on loads of new growth.

The trees are also enjoying the heat, it's been a while since we had any.

I was starting to get worried about my Katsura Maple as all the foliage was wrinkling up at the edges and seemed to be dying.So about four weeks ago I did an emergency repot and it has had the desired effect as you can see from the new growth it now has.
Thats it for now going back to enjoy some more sunshine!!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Natter night 23rd July

Normal service has resumed for me anyway as it is Natter night once more, I think everyone must be on holiday or maybe trying to find the sun because it was another quiet night. Just Mike R and myself,plenty coffee and biscuits and a good natter,we even talked about trees.I did a little more work on my BSA Juniper,just a little tidying up really.

It seems to be having quite a good year so far as the foliage is nice and green and growing well, so I thought it could stand a little work.

Help me identify.

Just spotted this bird in the garden and do not know what it is,can anyone help.

Not the best photo but I could not get any closer.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Willowbog novice workshop

Another good workshop with four students attending with some interesting trees.

Hanging on every word and trying to look interested!

The display tree, a nice Taxus.

A close up of the deadwood.

This small Hawthorn had been pulled down to this position to try to make it cascade, but the way I saw it the bend was to far up to do this so I convinced Ian to make it a windswept and this is how it turned out.

Once it grows and matures it will be repotted into a nice drum pot.

I don't know what Terry was trying to hide for we all know what he looks like.

A small Juniper belonging to Brian.
A warm day for a change and some good and enjoyable work  done.

Friday, 20 July 2012

No trees update

Just a quick post to let you know we are home once more,back to my trees. Wednesday morning until Friday tea time seemed like an eternity, first thing I did was check the garden to make sure everything was as I left it,and sure enough it was I am pleased to say. I asked the question about the shop with all the sowing machines in the window the other day and no it wasn't a Singer sowing machine shop, it was just clothes they were selling,but I have never seen so many sowing machines in one place.

This was just the small window full ,there was a much larger one round the corner.

Back to reality and trees, tomorrow is another workshop day at Willowbog and as I am still on holiday I can stay a bit longer and not have to shoot off early to go to work.
Good timing to get my fix of Bonsai, { it's much better than drugs }but still addictive.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Not at home update.

Were you right in guessing where we are.

Just in case you still do not know we are in Manchester.Never mind we are home to-morrow.

Still no bonsai but I will get my fix when I get home,I did not have to worry about the trees drying out with the weather the way it was.
A nice break, but also nice to get home.

No trees

I just love short breaks like this, as you see a better kind of Primark in other parts of the country.

Can you guess what this shop sells?
Look in tomorrow to find out if your right!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Not at home { again }

Me and the wife are having another couple of days away,just a short break, but long enough time away from my trees.

Anyone guess where this time.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Monday, 16 July 2012

Natter night 16thJuly.

We were very lucky to-night as the forecast said it was going to rain again, but it didn't so we were able to work in the garden.There was Mike R, Ken M and John R,{ old John really but I cannot call him that as he complains, }It must have been a night for Cotoneaster's as Ken brought one,a nice cascade, for a little restyling and clip out.

Mike helping out while I took the photos.

Then I got involved and Mike took the photo.

Below is the refined image, still a bit to go but the way these Cotoneaster grow it will not take long.

Next It was my turn, another Cotoneaster which I collected from my garden earlier this year.

As you can see it did not have much going for it,but it is growing very strong.Mike R had been looking at the tree and suggested using the two bottom branches and making the top into a Jin.I could only agree with him as there was not really any other option. Out came the Jin pliers and the blow torch then some wire and then the shears.

Looks a lot as if this has been the right choice for this tree as it now has some potential as a Shohin once it fills out and gets a nice pot. 
The rain managed to stay away until everyone had left,so we had a very good night.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Literati Juniper recent work.

I have spent a couple of days working on my Literati Juniper, cleaning and resealing the Jins & Shari and also plucking out all the dead needles.I have also added a little bit of wire in one or two places,just to refine the image.

The deadwood looks much cleaner now, all it needs is to weather a little.

The foliage, thinned and refined looks a whole lot better than it did before the work was done.

The overall image looks more balanced , I am pleased with the outcome and think it was well worth the five hours it took me.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Old Chinese saying.

Even though the elephant does not have a sting in its tail like a wasp.

I know which one I would rather have sitting on my shoulder!!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

A visit to Anthony's garden.

Anthony from down on the Solway coast phoned me the other day and asked me to visit sometime to do a bit of clipping out for him, so as I do not work on Thursdays tonight was a good time.I started on this nice Cotoneaster.

Then I just went round the garden with my shears clipping all sorts of things, like Maples, Beech, Juniper and Hawthorn.

This is the back of his Beech forest I repotted a few months ago,I asked him to turn it round {its to heavy for me}

But not for him,{old age catching up}

Looks quite good and healthy.

Another Cotoneaster in a landscape.

I think this tree would look better in a nice pot without the rocks.

A very nice Acer Palmatum.

Just to prove I was beside the coast a couple of snaps of the seaside.

Then I said goodbye  to the seagulls and headed off home,someone must have heard my pleas for some sunshine as it was a beautiful night,but that sea air is very strong and I am knackered and off to bed!!