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Saturday, 29 September 2012

The boy's been digging.

Anthony is in a good job for collecting bonsai material and does so on a regular basis, I have just returned from seeing the latest batch of Yew and beech which will be replanted in the ground for a while to recover.

This is just the first load.



A mixture of both.
There's got to be some good future bonsai amongst these somewhere,we will have to wait and see.

Friday, 28 September 2012

A tale of two Cotoneaster's.

This first one I bought {yes bought }in Sheffield last week and already you can see a new pot,I did not like the old one. It was not repotted just transferred as the new pot is the same size.All I have done is clip it a little as the photos show.

As it was bought.

This is just the start with this tree but it has the potential to be quite nice in the future.

This second one started life as a self seeded plant found in one of my pot's about four or five year's ago.
I planted it in the garden and left it to grow, then I lifted it and potted it into a pot which I knew was to big ,but this gave it room to thrive.

Just after potting .

The first clip and wire.

This is today,photo is a little dark but show's the profile better.
I think this tree could be very good in a couple of years time.


Thursday, 27 September 2012


I have had to change part of the studio again to make room for my growing collection of small pot's.

There is just something about them I cannot resist so I keep buying new one's.

One for the future.

Here is one that has been earmarked for collection in the future, what is it you ask? Yet another Hawthorn I say, but a bit on the larger side. Already some preparation work has been done, as well as removing two large branches a couple of the roots have been cut back.It will now be left in place for at least one year to see how it responds, If it grows really well it may be lifted in the spring of 2014,we will have to wait and see if nature is on our side!

People will be thinking I drink a lot but the can was empty when I found it, Honest!

Another size reference.

Quite a lump of wood, well worth taking time over.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Winter draws nearer.

Last Saturday morning when I got up to go to Sheffield I was greeted by a very hard frost, which I was not expecting, nor were the tree's but they have reacted very quickly to it, as these two photos show.

My Acer Palmatum has started to turn into it's Autumn colours already.

My Hawthorn has also started to turn.
Although I love this time of year for the colours of the foliage it also means winter is just around the corner.

While at the show I also added to my collection of small pots.

A small accent pot by China Mist ceramics, I love the texture of this pot.

A mini version of the Lava pot my False Cypress Boulevard is potted in by Ian Baillie
Maybe one day I will use them, but for now I will just enjoy looking and feeling them..

Monday, 24 September 2012

Natter night 24th Sept.

Very wet night but still had six visitor's,Tommy G brought his Privet back fully wired so I got stuck in and styled it.
This first picture was taken last week before any work was done.

This is it now.

It still need's the dead wood carved and refined but that will come later when the tree has had a good rest.
The leaves are quite big but they will reduce as the foliage is clipped back and the branches ramify.
Quite a transformation.
I hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as I did.

Tree's in storage.

Here are some snap's of seven tree's Simon Mc has left with me while he is in the process of moving.








If these tree's are here in the winter I will probably end up wiring and styling them, it will give me something to do on a cold winter's night.
I do not drink a lot the can is only there for size comparison.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

BTA show Sheffield.

Here are a few snap's from the show at Sheffield.

A couple of club stands.

One of the pot stands.
My Boulevard in the show, It received a Highly Commended award. 
Lastly Rob Atkinson from Durham {not the prison } doing a demo on a Pine.
You need a bigger tree to hide behind Rob!!
The finished image, very nice, good work Rob

As we have not been home long I will close for now and have a nice coffee.
Bye for now.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

All mossed up.

I went out this morning collecting moss to get my False Cypress Boulevard ready for the BTA show at Sheffield this coming Sunday 23rd Sept.I even remembered to take some snap's 

This is the back view before.

This is after the moss was added.

This is the front view which had some moss on but needed more.

This is after, I like to leave some fine gravel in places to make it look like a hillside.

The final image.

I am looking forward to the show as I have not been able to attend for about four years, It will be nice to meet up with old friend's I have not seen for quite a while.So if you are in the area of Don Valley Stadium this weekend come along and look me up even if it's only to tell me where I am going wrong.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Natter night 17th Sept.

A good turnout tonight despite the rain with six visitor's and what's more important three tree's.The first one brought by Anthony, his very nice Cotoneaster,just wanted another clip out as you can see in this photo.

This is it's fourth clip this season.
Next a Hawthorn also Anthony's

This tree has also just been left to do it's own thing and grow very strong this year.

After some wire was added and branches brought down we can now see where the tree is heading.
It needs a bit more growth on the right hand side to create some balance.

Next tree is a Privet brought by Tommy G and his granddaughter Sasha.

Three different view's before I started looking for a front to the tree.The first thing  to do was the dead wood and when I got going I found a lot of the bark was dead as well,so I spent about an hour with a scalpel trying to find the live vein's.

These photos show the extent of the die back on the trunk.

This photo show's how much foliage was clipped off  as well as Tommy and camera shy Sasha.
Now all it need's is wired up and given it's first styling.Already I can see a bonsai emerging from what was a bush.
Another great night but we were missing Ken M who is not very well at the moment 
Get well soon Ken 
from the natter night gang!