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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wild Needle Juniper's.Slideshow.

These photos were sent to me by Sam B from the north east and were taken somewhere near high force.Absolutly fantastic deadwood only nature could create.

Click link to see slideshow.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Natter night 25th Feb.

After last weeks very busy night , this week was much quieter with only five visitors and no trees.So with Ken M not at his best he had the night off, but his Yew did'nt as I added a bit more wire and started to move some of tbe fine branches into position.
The bottom left side.
I got a few branches done on the right as well, but still a long way to go.
I will not show how many branches I cut off in case Ken happens to look at my blog.
Just joking ken , get well soon.
It was a nice night but cold with the moon showing itself quite brightly.
Short but sweet tonight,and the natter was good.

Spring sunshine.

Just took these photos in the spring sunshine while we had some.
Cypress, Sulpher spray.
From the left,Boulevard, Juniper, Yew.
Squamata Juniper.
Ken's Yew.
All enjoying the sun, { while it last's }

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bonsai art of Japan, episode 34.

Just arrived from Bjorvala bonsai episode 34.
Another excellent video.

Signs of spring.

There are a few signs that spring is almost upon us, not before time.
Kiyohimi Maple starting to move even though it is still in a cold greenhouse.
Trident Maple showing signs as well.
Even Hawthorn budding up nicely.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Willowbog characters.

To start at the top with the bosses assistant.
Ray C
A blast from the past John R.
Len G.
Tony S
Terry H
Ian Y, bonsai eejit.
Phil the fingers.

Ken M
Peter G relaxing.
Can't miss the ladies. Dianne H.
Last but most important, the boss Jean.
More to follow when I find the photos.



Monday, 18 February 2013

Natter night 18th Feb.

A very full night with nine visitors in all, four of them arrived with Len G who was in the area and called in with three friends, one being Dev from Carlisle who wants to get into Bonsai, so Len brought him over to meet us.
I think we will see quite a bit of Dev, who is seen standing just behind Len, as he seems very keen to learn more about our passion for Bonsai.
Needless to say we did not have a lot of room in the studio to work, but we had a really good natter.
When we got a little more room we started on Ken's Yew which he left last week.But all we achieved was to do a little thinning out.
As this photo shows we took a lot of heavy branches fron the crown to thin it out, now all we have to do is wire some of the smaller branches down and form a new crown.
I hope to do some more work through the week ahead but I will have to leave some for Ken to do next Monday night.More pics next week.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Willowbog, 1st novice workshop of 2013.

Today was the first novice workshop of 2013 at Willowbog bonsai and it was well attended by eight students. Six of them were repeat attendees and two new comers .There were also quite a lot of tree's that needed attention of sorts, some for styling, some for potting and some for advice.
A general view of the workshop in progress.
Anthony getting some advice on potting from Mr Snart with Peter G and John B in the background busy working on their own tree's.

The two newbies, both called Dave I believe, having a discussion.
Ian, doing a first pot into a training pot.
A taxus belonging to another Dave, this time the one from Penrith,about to start it's new life as a Bonsai.

With a bit of Jin work and some guy wires we can see the new shape forming.
Dave also bought this Juniper, and after a good clip out we also started it on it's journey into a Bonsai.

Finally a couple of shots of a Chinese Juniper, also belonging to Dave.
A very small tree but well formed
Todays Tokenoma display.
Coming into flower.
Someone looks like they enjoyed the day.
In all a busy but enjoyable day.




Friday, 15 February 2013

Starting again.

Here we go once more, the first novice workshop at Willobog bonsai in 2013 is tomorrow. I am looking forward to it as this time of year is sort of inbetween, a little to early to repot unless you can keep frost free,also the tree's have not yet started to grow.
A photo of one of last years workshops.
I will post a report tomorrow night,so look back then to see how it went.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Natter night 11th Feb.

I started early tonight on a tree given to me by Sue S, a Chinese Juniper.I decided to add a little wire and do a bit of styling but got carried away and did not stop until it was just about finished.

This was the tree last week before removing any branches.

After initial removal of branches.

After styling, I think I must have learned something from watching Ryan Neil because it looks quite good, to me anyhow!

First to arrive tonight was Simon R who came with yet another Cotoneaster he had collected.

Unusual shape, but still some branches need to be shortened.

As you can see from the photo above the potting angle needed to change and as it was only just potted we decided to change it and tie it in.

All it needs now is two or three years growing, some carving, some styling and hey presto, a classic bonsai.

Ken M brought along his Taxus, which has suffered quite badly in previous winters but not this year, as it has been kept in a cold greenhouse.

It looks a really good colour and healthy.

Another view of the deadwood I have been refining this week on a Hawthorn.

Another night comes to an end all to soon.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

test post

I am just trying a new photo hosting site to see if it works better than photo bucket.

This is some deadwood i have been refining on a hawthorn.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lectures on Pines

I have borrowed these two videos of the Ryan Neil lectures on pines at Willowbog from Bonsai Eejits blog.I hope he does not mind.These videos are brilliantly edited and produced and can only thank Ian for all his hard work.

The information imparted by Ryan on these videos is remarkable.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Natter night 4th Feb.

Another lovely summer's night for my natter night, windy and threatening rain, only thing was it was cold as well,so it can't be summer.Four visitors came with two trees so we kept quite busy, wiring, clipping and creating deadwood.

First one a Fir of unknown variety, belonging to Ken M.

About two years ago Ken was going to dump this tree as he thought it had no prospect of becoming a bonsai,but we decided to wire the main branches and pull them down then gave it a clip and left it to grow. Last year we had another go at it and left it to recover once again.

Now after reworking it is really starting to take shape.

This next photo show's Tony W creating deadwood on his multi trunk Cotoneaster.

He had to leave before I got  another photo, but I will get a better one next time.

We also watched the two videos the Bonsai Eejit has of the Ryan Neil lectures on Pines, if you have not seen them yet check them out they are very good and informative.