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Monday, 25 March 2013

Natter night 25th March.

A quietish night, only four visitors so I got busy with my new Cotoneaster, cleaning out unwanted branches and cleaning moss off the nebari.
This is before the work was done.
This is after, still some wire to add and one or two branches to move then wait for some warm weather.{ Could be a long wait }
The two Tony's were working on a couple of Potentillas that needed cleaning and clipping.
This is one of them. The trees I mean.
Then I decided to pot my new Chinese Juniper.
Don't tell me the pot is too big.
Really this is what it was planted in when I got it, not even a proper pot, but was like paper.
So after potting I found another inch of trunk and removed some unwanted branches.I also cleaned the loose flakey bark and allready you can see the tree taking shape.
Once again the night flew in, so thanks for visiting my Blog.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

New additions.

Two new additions to my collection found on our trip to the wilds of Scotland yesterday.
This nice little Cotoneaster, I found under the snow on Robert's benches.
Completely raw stock with loads of potential Itoigawa Juniper.
When the weather warms up I will be doing some work on this tree,but I can already see a nice Shohin image in there .Watch this space !!


A trip to Scotland.

Yesterday saw us on a trip up the road to Scotland to see Mr Robert Porch at his home in Glasgow, dispite the weather the road was clear of snow and quite a nice drive up there.
The snow got it's own back and had covered most of his trees and accents.
So this made viewing very difficult.
I think we will have to go back when the weather improves { if ever } to have a better look.
Thanks for the hospitality Robert, and the insight into accent plantings.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Returning Ken's Yew.

Today saw Mike R and me going to Ken's to return his Yew that I have been working on for a few weeks, on and off, So after a phone call we decided to visit him and take it back as he had not seen it since I finished the work.I did not have to worry about what he thought of the work, judging by the look on his face he likes it.
This is a view of the Yew from above that I only saw when I put it on the floor,this is a view we do not look at often enough as it shows the placement of branches very well.
Once again I could not resist another photo of the view from his lounge window, every time I visit the scene changes and I can not get enough of it.
As is usual when I go to see him he always has a job for me, this time he wanted a display bench moved.
Two more of his tree's this time on the decking out of the wind.
Now I just have to mention Ken's wife Janice who is a proper artist and show some of her work.

Two paintings by Janice.
I really hope this has given Ken a boost after his recent bout of ill health.
Get well soon Ken we all miss you at Natter night.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Natter night 18th March.

Tonight was quite busy once more with nine visitor's, first here was Anthony who I put to work on a Cotoneaster of his which I repotted today, I got him cleaning up the deadwood and applying some Jin seal to protect it.

Next was Paul with a couple of indoor trees to clip back a little.
Not sure what the small tree is but the big one is a Ficus which tend to bleed quite a lot when cut, so I find this a good time of year before they really start to push the growth out.
Now another Cotoneaster from another tony, this one just had the wire removed and will probably be left another year before potting into a Bonsai pot.
This tree could end up being quite a good one in a couple of year's time.
We spent the rest of the night cutting out dead branches from about four trees which had been badly neglected last year and had died back quite a lot.Sorry no photos. With a bit more care they may be saved and possibly end up nice tree's.
Once again thankyou for checking in to my blog.


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Ken's Yew update.

Well here it is at last an updated photo of Ken's Yew that I promised to post when I had finished wiring.
This is it a few weeks ago after we removed a lot of heavy branches from the apex. As you can see it left quite a hole in the top.
This is it today after I had finished wiring and tweaking.I have also tidied up the top surface of the pot.
.I can only hope Ken likes what I have done with his tree.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

A trip to Wattston bonsai.

Today Mike R and myself had a run out to Wattston bonsai in Scotland to see a tree by Mr Kimura, which has been imported for a customer and will be delivered soon to him.On arrival we were greeted by Dougie who showed us round and told us not about one tree but about five trees from Mr Kimura.
This is the main tree, a Chinese Juniper
Mike standing beside it for scale.
I just thought this branch needed to be adjusted a little.
{ Only joking, how can you improve perfection }
A root over rock, also created by Mr Kimura.
Even more beautiful tree's.

This Litterati Juniper by Mr Urishibata was another one of the tree's that took my eye.
Satskies by the dozen.
Too much to take in and see.
I have to thank Dougie very much for allowing us to not only see but be so close to these tree's, I could almost feel the presence of Mr Kimura himself.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Natter night 11th March.

Despite the weather being so foul I still had six visitors tonight, so it was quite busy. I was working on a Potentila belonging to Anthony which had been left to long before cutting back, so after a good clip I added some wire and put the branches into place.
Before .
Next another Potentila, this time raw stock with nothing done since collection.
Just a good clip and remove some large dead branches and I can already see a nice image emerging from this clump.
Simon R being Simon R as usual.
Where did you get that hat?
Next we have Ken's Yew, which we wired some more.
Still a few branches to do , but we are getting there.
I will post a better photo when I finish wiring.
Lastly some more of Anthony's trees for potting.
A busy night and a busy week ahead, if I can get rid of this head cold that hit me this morning.
Once again thanks for looking in.

It's back.

On looking out of the window this morning it is clear to see we are not at the start of spring just yet.
Time to put the trees back into the greenhouse I think.
Unless it clears quickly it might be a quiet natter night tonight,but my visitors are a tough lot and will still turn up.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Potting day .

I have had a very busy morning repotting some trees for Anthony from the coast, he arrived yesterday with some trees and we only got three done in the time we had. So I started again this morning and I have done another eight so far.
Only one more to go.
Then when I looked outside on this lovely spring morning this is what greeted me.
One moment sunshine then the next snow,luckily it did not last long.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Yamadori Hawthorn.

Yesterday Mike R and myself decided to try to lift a rather large Yamadori Hawthorn.We used a new method, to us anyhow, of utilising ratchet straps to take the strain out of trying to pull and tug.
By using straps like this with plenty tension on it saves a lot of effort.
Then by digging round the base and cutting roots as you go and keeping tension on the strap,the tree will start to move allowing the tap root to be accessed and cut. Which in this case was about six inches thick.
Getting the tree out was one thing, getting it back home and potted was another. Sorry no photos as it took all hands to carry the tree.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Natter night 4th March.

Yet another Monday arrives, they seem to come round very quickly these days, but who cares as I really enjoy my natter night.I started today by putting a lot of my trees out on the benches, as we had a good day of sunshine and it will do them good.
Nice to see the trees outside again.
Spring is almost here.
There is a frost warning tonight so I will put some trees back inside, just to help the new buds that are showing.
Len G and Devy, our new natterer, also turned up to do a potting job on this Larch that now belongs to Devy.

We got him to stand beside it for a size comparison.

Not Devy's best side, but the tree looks ok.
Please comment if you agree.
Next we have a multi trunk Cotoneaster belonging to Tony W.
Becoming less of a multi trunk all the time, this is after we removed a trunk from the right hand side and did a bit of block carving on the left side.
I will be posting an update on this tree shortly.
When I get some better photos.
Well thats it for now, time for supper and bed.
Thankyou for looking in.