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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Out of my control.

First off I must say sorry for not posting this week, we have been away for a few days again and while in a car park my car was broken into and my camera was stolen, so no photos of the trip.
Now the good news, I have bought a new camera and here are some pics I have just taken to try it out.

Kiyohimi Maple.
Close up of new growth on a Hemlock.
Well it seems to work allright, so I am back in business once more.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Natter night 24th June 2013.

Only four visitors tonight with two trees, first Ken M brought a Chuhin sized Golden Yew for some advice and a clip. On close inspection we decided not to clip it out at the moment, but to wait another month or so to let the new growth grow on a bit and harden off .
This tree started it's life as a bonsai at a workshop at Willowbog quite a few years ago and was originally styled by Marc Noelanders.
Next was a Sulpher spray Boulevard, brought by Paul M.
This tree has a very long way to go and is quite a challenge. But never say never, I will give it a good try to make a presentable image.
Sorry no before photo, as usual I forgot.
Short but sweet tonight, thanks for looking in to my post.



Sunday, 23 June 2013

Another Sunday

Another Sunday morning, already been in the garden to see the trees, not the best weather but nice and peaceful.The first thing I pick up when I go out is the camera, not just so I can post pics of my trees but as a record of how they are changing. when you see them every day you do not notice the changes, but when you look back at photos you can see right away how much they do.
First my Hawthorn forest.
Already filling up.
This morning,nearly ready for some more work.
My juniper, which was awarded best work in progress at the BSA show about eighteen months ago.
How they change.
What a turn around for this small Cotoneaster.
And now.
This shows why it is a good idea to keep photographic records.

Novice workshop, Willowbog, June 2013.

Today's workshop was another very busy day as usual, plenty of trees to be worked on.
Todays Tokenoma tree.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dawn Redwood.

I decided this morning it was time to give my Dawn Redwood it's first clip of the year.
I usually start by removing any inward growing leaves, so the foliage that is left grows out more naturally.
I sometimes think I go a bit to far clipping out, but this tree seems to respond well to it.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sue's Hemlock update.

Just finished the basic styling of Sue's Hemlock and I think it has turned out quite good. The apex needs to grow stronger before it can be wired and placed into position properly.
This is as it arrived on Monday night.
Half wired.
Basic styling done.
Quite a transformation.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Natter night 17th June 2013.

Another very busy night with seven visitors, one of which was a blast from the past, Sue S who has been very busy with work commitments and could not make it on a Monday.She brought two trees with her, this first one, a very nice Hinoki Shohin.
It needs a clip out but I was too busy and did not get anything done with it, maybe next week.
But it needs time spent on it to make sure its right and not just a rough cut.
This was her next tree, a nice Hemlock which needed a total rewire and styling.
I treid to get it done but ran out of time, so this is as far as I got.
I asked Sue to leave it with me until next week so I can work on it till then.
Paul and Ed also turned up with trees needing work. This is Paul cleaning out some deadwood from a small Chinese Juniper.
Here is one of Ken's trees, a Scots pine with a bit of a problem.
Not sure what but at Ken's request we repotted it to see if will recover in some new compost.
Fingers crossed.
Well thats it for now , I will post more photos of the Hemlock when I get it wired.

New additions.

No not trees this time, but monkey poles, on which to display more trees.
Another six places to show more trees.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hawthorn first clip 2013.

I have just given my Hawthorn it's first clip of the year and I think it looks much better for it.
Although I really enjoyed the flowers, I also love the image now after being clipped back.
Comments please!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Looking good.

No not me but my trees, just been looking at them as I do every morning and they are all looking healthy and strong.My Dawn Redwood is putting on loads of new growth and is a very nice colour at the moment.
Also the last Shohin Cotoneaster added to my collection is doing very good after the repot earlier in the year.
My Acer Palmatum is also continuing to grow strongly and is still extending quite a lot.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Redwood collecting.

A video from you tube about collecting Redwoods, not for Bonsai, but for the wood. It is amazing what these men did back in the year I was born.

Even I would not try to make Bonsai out of these magnificent trees. I could not afford the pots.!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I borrowed this video from Bonsai focus and had to share with you, for anyone who likes Satskies this is a must see.

The colours are amazing.


Things seem to be breeding in my garden, first I had one greenhouse in which to overwinter my trees and my wife used in summer to grow tomatoes and other veggies.
A few weeks ago I obtained another one and put them side by side.
I think this was a mistake because look what happened next.
Low and behold, another one.
Well one thing for sure I will not be short of winter storage for my trees now.