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Saturday, 30 November 2013

A quick visit.

Today we had another quick trip up to Willowbog, just to see what was happening when there was nothing organised. What did we find but Peter actually working on a tree.

Removing old leaves and unwanted growth.

Keep up the good work Peter.

More visitors arriving.

The sun does shine at Willowbog.

Finally two quite large Pines in the pollytunnel , ready for some ones project.

See you again Peter at next weeks chat. 

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Winter------------- Who wants it?

Just thought I would post this after seeing all the photos on Facebook about all the snow that a lot of places are getting at the moment.All my trees are in their Winter quarters, but with weather like this they could be back on the benches.

This photo was taken at two o: clock this afternoon.

This rock does not mind being left outside in Winter.

I hate this really bad weather, roll on Spring !!!!!!!!

Windswept Larch update.

Here are another couple of photos of the windswept Larch after tweaking the straight upper branch a little more.

Looks quite good from either front or back.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Natter night 25th Nov 2013.

My natter night started a little early for me as I was in the studio at about two this afternoon, I started work on a Larch that has been with me for a while, I was waiting for the foliage to drop before any work was done to prevent trapping the needles in the wire.

Above is before work started.

Two slightly different angles of the image achieved.
The straight part of the upper trunk will get a bit more movement in a couple of weeks time when it has had time to settle and  recover.

Here we have Ken M removing wire from a Pyracantha.

Sue S also removing wire from a Chinese Juniper.

Below Ken's tree after a little clipping.

A close up of Sue's Juniper.

Yet another very entertaining and fun night over all to soon.

Thank you once more for looking in.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

New arrival.

A new arrival at Willowbog is this Sabina Juniper with fantastic deadwood and movement.

A very good project for the right person.

November novice workshop at Willowbog.

Once more a busy day with quite a few people turning up for the workshop.

Trees arrive by the barrow load.

Is Peter getting a lesson on Bonsai ?
No just some of the history of the tree.

This rather nice Hinoki was left in the car by Brian who thought it was not good enough to be a Bonsai.
There is a lot of work to be done, but I think this tree will make a very nice image.
This tree has been in the same pot for about fourty years and has been stood in the garden for all this time.

Slowly but surely we raked the top of the soil away to find the Nebari and we were not disappointed with what we found.

The funny hat brigade were also here in the shape of Terry.

In the back ground you can see just how big that Hinoki is and how much work will be required to make it into Bonsai.

Another good day, enjoyed by all who attended.
The famous soup went down well at lunchtime, thanks Jean once more.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Natter night 18th Nov 2013.

Yet again a good night, even the cold weather could not stop people from coming to have a natter and a coffee or two.

I will start with this picture of a yew that belongs to David H from west Cumbria, I was asked to pass it on to David by Robert Porch.

The picture is a pencil drawing of David's tree that won the Best of British Bonsai a few years ago.

Now a tree featured here before, a Yew belonging to Ken M. Back once more for another clip and style, to try to make it like the drawing that Marc Noelanders drew at it's first workshop.

Ken beavering away with wire.

The image is finally starting to look like the drawing.

Another five years and we should be there.
My thanks to all six visitors for another fun evening of Bonsai.
Also thank you to all who visit my blog.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Latest visit.

My latest visit was to see the garden of Tommy G, one of my regular visitors on a Monday night.
After a quick tour round the garden I got the camera into gear and took a few snaps.

An overview looking down the garden.

A lot of Bonsai on the benches.

One of his two ponds.

Below a ghost Koi in the second pond.

Yet another Larch Bonsai.

Overall a beautiful garden, I must return when everything is in flower to see it in glorious colour.

Thank you for the invite Tommy.
Also thanks to Sasha for the coffee.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Natter night 11th Nov 2013.

A good night once more, with eight visitors turning up for our usual get together.

This first photo is from September 2012 and is a Privet that Tommy G brought for it's first styling.

He brought it back tonight to show us how much it has developed over just one year.

I think it is in need of a repot in Spring as it has been quite a few years since it was last done.
This will also help it to thrive even more.
Now a Potentila which Sue S brought for some guidance on which  branches to remove and which to keep.

A really nice old looking tree already, but in need of a better branch structure.

I am sure this tree will improve a lot over the next few seasons.
I decided to set up a small display tonight with a couple of my tree's and an accent for company.

From the left, Spirea, the accent and a small Cotoneaster.

A closer look at the Cotoneaster.

Finally Margery's homework was to wire this small Spruce.
I think I need to spend more time with her when she is wiring.
{Only joking Margery.}


Another good night of fun and enjoyment.

Thanks for looking in to my blog.

Mame bonsai

My Spirea in a nice Japanese pot.

Showing nice colour as well.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Robert's new Shohin.

Three new Shohin that Robert Porch has just received.

Black Pine
In a Japanese terracotta pot.

Spindle tree.
In a Chinese pot.

In a Japanese pot.