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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dawn Redwood.

The latest photo of my Dawn Redwood.

Looking better every day.

Hawthorn flowers.

Here is the latest photo of my Hawthorn flowers, which most have now opened.

Looking splendid.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Natter night 28th April 2014.

Five people turned up to my natter night last night and we had a great time discussing all aspects of Bonsai.
First to arrive was Sue S, who brought two of her Shohin for some advice about planting angles and pots.

First one a Japanese White Pine

From the other side.

Cork bark Chinese Elm.

From the other side.

Ken M brought this Common Juniper, which was originally a twin trunk that we separated a while back and put them into their own pots.They have recovered well and are growing very good, this one got it's fisrt styling tonight.

After styling it shows really good promise for the future.

Tommy G brought along thie very nice Azalea to show us the flowers. 

He also brought this miniature Daffodil. 

The lighter is for size comparison.

Paul M brought this small Squamata Juniper for a little styling.

Formed into Bunjin style

He also did some wiring on this False Cypress which was tweaked into a better shape.

Another busy and enjoyable night.

Thank you for visiting my blog and remember comments are good.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Accents .

Most of my accents are doing really well at the moment.

I really must get to know the names and more importantly, remember them.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Other additions.

After another trip to the Scottish land I came home with yet another pot, this time one from Klika, my first one.

I am starting to think I am getting a fetish about pots.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Looks like snow.

Have been away for a few days and on returning home and looking in the garden at my Hawthorn , I thought it had been snowing, but is was the flowers which had burst out on the apex.

Still a lot more to open, so more pics to come later.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sunset over Salford.

This is the only photo I have taken so far on this trip away.

As it shows the sun just had time to come out when it set.It was also raining at the time.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Natter night 21st April 2014.

A quietish, but a great night all the same, with only four visitors turning up on this bank holiday Monday.

Before anyone arrived I had a go at naturalizing part of a Hemlock that has been bothering me since I purchased it.

This is the offending part I wanted to sort out.

After working it looks a lot better, but still needs a lot of refinement done. 

I also wired this Cotoneaster today and gave it a first style.

Not a bad start, but still has a way to go.

Next was Ken's Twin trunk Larch that he wanted the smaller tree moved a little.

We managed to do this quite easily and he went away happier.

Next is Sue's Katsura Maple which had lost a couple of lower branches leaving a lot of empty space in the canopy.

After adding some stay wires to gently pull branches down a little the spaces have been filled quite well.

A good night's work done and some coffee and tea consumed as usual.
 Thank you again for looking in to my blog.


Before natter night.

I went into the garden this morning to give the trees some water even though it is cool out there the wind is making them dry quite quickly.

I decided to give this small Yew some more clipping out ans refine the Shari a little.

When it recover's a and gains more vigor I will add some wire and refine the canopy.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Even more pots.

I have extended my collection of pots by three more, I can't resist when I see ones that I like.

This one is made by Walsall Studio Ceramics, 

This one is also by Walsall.

This one is a Chinese one.

Sometimes it is the glaze that I like and other times it is the shape.
It is always nice to have a good choice when it comes to potting time.
Well that is my excuse for buying as many pots as I do.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Novice workshop Willowbog, April 2014.

Today's workshop was well attended by { I think } seven regulars and was a very good day, with the sun shining all day.
The day started wirh a very relaxed feel.

All listening to Peter's intro.

Your too big to hide behind that post David.

David did come out to talk about his nice little Pine.

One of Anthony's trees.

David C acquired this Hemlock from a nursery close to where he lives.

This is it after potting on.

And after a clean out of dead branches.

Another Hemlock this time belonging to John H, in for its first styling.

A little work on a Shari.

After John wired the tree and it was tweaked into a basic shape.

This small Larch was also given it's first styling.

A little Juniper, also belonging to David from Penrith.

As did this Chinese Juniper.

A small Larch, just purchased by Johu H.

Not to forget the wild animals which Peter keeps locked away.

Another brilliant day of teaching and learning for everyone involved.

I for one enjoyed the day, as did all the attendees.