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Monday, 30 June 2014

Natter night 30th June 2014.

After a busy weekend came another busy night with six visitors turning up in the lovely sunshine.
Ken M although not the first to arrive, he was the first to bring a tree.

I think he must have been inspired by the workshop over the weekend, as he was clipping away before I could get the camera out. You can see by the cuttings how fast he was.

After we managed to slow him down he removed the wire that was still on the tree and we had a good look to see which other foliage was to be either shortened or left to harden off before being rewired.

Next this Chinese Elm which was purchased from a nearly local Bonsai nursery only yesterday by Richard, who is very new to the Bonsai scene.

After a good look and discussion with him about how to improve the foliage pads, we gave it a little bit of a clip out.

I have set him the task of cleaning out the dead twigs on the inside of the foliage and showed him how to do this.

Normal service.

I have been busy again this morning getting things put back where they belong, after a very busy two days.

Trees spread out on the benches once more.

As you can see the sun is also shining.

I am looking forward to another busy natter night when all my visitors will be putting into practice all they learned from their workshops with Robert.

Workshop at Ronin. Part two.

Yet another successful day of Bonsai here at Ronin with Robert Porch.

The gang at the end of the day, tired but very happy.

Garden center Juniper.



Tweak a bit more.

Behold an image emerges.


Clip first.

Then wire.

Then place branches.

White Pine.

Add wire.

Another nice image.

Crab apple.
 After clipping.


A little clip goes a long way.

Ken's Fir.

Which Boxie wired.

Robert tweaked .

We admired.

People all over the garden working on their trees

In the studio.

Feeding time.

Watch listen and learn.

More of the trees that were worked on .

Unusual Hawthorn.

Workshop's are not about bringing along a piece of raw stock, putting wire on, someone else styling, they are to learn the knowledge and be able to do it yourself.

This weekend has given my regular visitors a taste of how much you can learn from good tutors such as Robert.

My special thanks to Robert for a very good two days.

Not forgetting Boxie, who helped a lot and kept us entertained.

Once again thank you for visiting my blog.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Workshop at Ronin. Part one.

For the first time we have had a workshop day with Robert Porch here at Ronin and what a day it was for all those attending.
There were four of my regular visitors who come to my Monday night natter and boy did they enjoy the day.

Sue was the first to get the workshop started, on a Shohin Trident Maple.

Robert showed her how to defoliate and shorten the long branches.

Now very much more compact, this will also make it produce a second flush of leaves.

Next up was this White Pine which Ken brought.

After a good look Robert set him the task of wiring the whole tree.

After tweaking, here are two photos of the image that emerged.

This Juniper was the next tree to be worked, so after Margery had wired it Robert placed the branches and clipped it.

Another very nice image.

Margery's second tree is this Hawthorn.

After placing the branches and changing the planting angle the tree looked much more balanced.

Bob's trees that needed to have some work done.

He started with this Larch.

Look how it turned out.

He also had a little work done on this Hornbeam.

Ken;s second tree an Azalea was given to Mike B to wire.
You can hear what he was thinking,{ where do I start }

But start he did and made a very good job of it too.

Then Robert put his mark on it.

Yet another nice image to be refined over the next few seasons.

Sue;s second tree of the day, this Shohin Hinoki Cypress.

Which was wired and tweaked, how much more compact does it look now.

Even Fudge the cat enjoyed the day.
Though he did sleep most of the time.

Part two coming soon.