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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Display stands update.

After another couple of coats of polish my new stands are getting better.

Better still with trees on.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Display stands.

I have been making some new display stands from some Oak slabs I was given this week.

Quite simple to make if you can use a router and sand paper.

The three with the round feet are the most recent.They still need to have more coats of polish.

I could not bring myself to spray them black and cover the lovely grain of the Oak.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Studio work today.

I have been in the studio working on another of my Chinese Juniper's today, though not quite finished it is looking a lot better than it was.



I will let it rest for a while before any more work is done.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Natter night 25th August 2014.

My natter night started quite early again, as I was in the studio most of the day, working on some of my own trees.
I started with this Squamata Juniper which has grown really well this season and was in need of a good trim.

After the work, it is now more open to allow light to the inside and promote some new buds closer to the trunk.

Yet another Squamata which was looking a bit unruly got the treatment.

Looks a bit tidier after working.

Now for this Chinese Juniper, which has also grown well this year.

This tree will also benefit from being opened up. It still needs more deadwood but that will come later when I can see the live veins better.

One of my visitors Andy P brought this small Larch to be given it's first styling.

I think it looks more like a tree now and it will be repotted in spring on the right side of the pot.

Yet another very good day's work 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Novice workshop at Willowbog August 2014.

Today's workshop went very well, as it usually does, with all the students enjoying the day.
Peter did his talk about each students main tree to see what they thought the trees needed to have done to them.

Everyone paying attention.

Plenty of trees to work on.





Angela wiring a Juniper.

The Juniper after the branches were placed.

Another Cotoneaster Angela brought for advice.

After a little wiring and clipping it looks more balanced.

The Tokanoma display. A Chinese Elm.

And a Common Juniper.

Yet another good workshop with good people.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Two Juniper's.

A bit more refinement on these two Juniper.s today

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Maple air layer.

I must be getting good at air layering as this Maple clump style was severed from the main tree about one month ago and already it is putting roots out of the bottom of the pot.

I have found in the past that most maples take very easily from air layers, which are much better than grafting them, as you get a very good root system on them.

This one should be ready for some styling next year some time.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My trees and me.

Here are some photos of me with some of my trees.

My Dawn Redwood.

My newest tree a Chinese Juniper.

I think this Hawthorn is the oldest tree in my collection.

As I am usually behind the camera I got my son to take these photos, just for size comparison.
Sorry if I frightened anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Natter night 18th August 2014.

The evening started with this Procumbens Juniper having a thin out in 
readiness for styling.

It does not look much different, but has had quite a lot of foliage removed.

This small Maple was also worked on tonight.

Ken M got stuck in and wired most of the branches.

Andy P brought along this Spruce to get some advice about the health of it and was quite happy to follow what was said. 

Paul M spent a while removing wire from this small False Cypress.

It was a very hands on night, with most visitors doing some thing.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Natter night 11th August 2014.

The weather tried to dampen the spirits of my visitors but did not manage it very well , as there were still six of them turned up for what turned out to be another successful night.

There were two trees brought along to be worked on tonight.

This Maple was the first to be set on it's way to becoming a Bonsai.

Unwanted branches were removed and the ones that were left were brought down with mainly guy wires to open up the canopy and let light into it.

This will help the tree to grow better and to produce new buds and foliage.

This small Buddha Pine was also given some work to open up the canopy.

Now much more open and tree like.

While I was putting the wire on, Paul M the owner was reading up on how and when to prune this species of tree.Amazingly enough what I was doing was exactly what it said to do in the book, the little grey cells must still work.

Yet another good night despite the weather.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Spot the difference.

Can you spot the difference and do you think it is better ?

Chinese Juniper, before.


Answers  please.