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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Procumbens Juniper photos.

Here are a couple of better photos of my Procumbens Juniper that I took today.

Still a long way to go, but looking much more compact now.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Natter night 29th Sept 2014.

After a busy weekend of workshops with Robert P, we had another busy night tonight with six visitors turning up for my natter night.
The longest traveled by far was Peter T from Ayrshire, who was in the area for the day and visited us for the evening.He brought some trees with him to ask for some advice on, I think between us we helped a little.

This Picea was from nursery stock and was given the works in branch selection. 

First look shows a twin trunk, but it was decided to remove the one on the left to open up the tree.

We left enough to create Jin with and as you can see by doing this the tree is now much more open.
The next problem was the two leading branches forming a big Y shape, one of them had to go.

It was a group decision to remove the one on the left.
Peter now knows where the tree is going and will wire and shape in the future at home.

I hope to get some photos when it is done.
I also did some work on my Procumbens Juniper today.
This is how it was after a little thinning a few weeks ago.

After quite a bit of wiring and clipping. 

The other side after working.

I will take and post some better photos tomorrow, hopefully!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day two workshop with Robert Porch.

The second days workshop with Robert was just as good as the first, with loads of trees to work on. But Robert took it all in his stride and managed to do most of what the participants wanted to get done with their trees.

I did have a bit of an early start today as I finished putting wire on Ken's pine from yesterday, just to give him a head start for the day. This is after Robert tweaked it into shape.

Deep discussion about Davids Lodge pole pine.

A close up of the tree before.

After wiring and styling.

Margery's little pine was also wired and styled.

What was a very straight and basic growing pine it is now very contorted and very interesting.

This is one of Tommy's Pines that was also wired clipped and styled.

No longer a mess of branches after basic styling.

Yet another Scots Pine, this one is John's.

John was also given the task of wiring the whole tree before Robert worked his magic once more.

Tommy's second pine of the day, the one on the left this time, was also wired after Robert had removed unwanted branches.

Once again this image was urged from what was there before.

Camera shy boy's ?

No they were just very busy wiring trees.

Yet another very good day was had by all the participants, who are looking forward to the next time we can bring Robert back to Ronin Bonsai, just as I am.

All I can say now is a very big THANK YOU to Robert for his attendance this weekend.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Day one workshop with Robert Porch.

This is the second weekend  workshop with Robert  here at Ronin and what a very informative day it was.Being the right time of year to be working on Pines it was not surprising to see so many here.

A good natter before starting on the trees.

Sue's Shohin Black Pine before working.

It is not only about styling trees at workshops, it is about learning about how they grow as well .
This is after Robert showed Sue how to select which branches and buds that had to be pruned.

This Common Juniper of Ken's was the next to be worked on.

You can see Robert studying what to do with this nice tree.

Ken now knows how to look after and train this tree much better after listening to what Robert said.

This Scots Pine, also Ken's was started on but not finished today and will be completed tomorrow.

Again words of wisdom from the master.

Ken intent on getting the wire on.

Sue's Shohin White Pine was given a critique.

As was this Chinese Juniper.

This Rigida Juniper was transformed with a pair of shears.

Boxie also got involved with adding wire to one of Sue's other Junipers'

Robert then started to wire this White Pine of Ken's.

Then gave it a bit of styling.

Would you trust this man with your trees.?

I certainly would.

Day two tomorrow, look back then for another report.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Third step, on the road to Noelanders.

This is just an update on my road to see the Noelanders trophy in Feb 2015

I have received an invite to attend a ceremony to give an oath to the Queen on the ninth of October, after which I will be given a certificate to say I am British.
I will then be able to apply for a British passport and go to the show.
I am getting closer to my first ever visit and really looking forward to it.

Fingers crossed.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Natter night 22nd September 2014.

It is still the holiday season so a limited number of visitors tonight, four to be exact, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

I started with this Chinese Juniper of mine which was in need of a rewire and refinement.

This is after finishing, now much more compact and looking a lot neater than before.

This small Cotoneaster belonging to Andy also had a little work done.

After doing a little more work on Ken's Juniper this week he was very pleased with the result. 
As this photo shows.

This is a photo of another of Ken's Junipers that I came across from two years ago.

This was after some refining was done last week.

A lot of people do not like wiring trees, but when you see the results you realize that you cannot do Bonsai without doing so.