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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The face in the Larch.

Ken's Larch that I worked on Monday night has developed a face where the top was removed a long time ago.

You can just about make it out on the very top of the tree.

Here is a closer view.

It is amazing what roll over can do.

Natter night 26th Jan 2015.

Andy P was the first of five visitors tonight and he brought this small Azalea which he thinks has white flowers. We will find out when it does in the not to distant future.

Ken M brought this Larch for a tidy up and as I looked at it I thought it needed a bit of wire on , here and there,. I got carried away and did most of the tree.

It will be clipped back a little when the buds start to burst and the tree comes back to life.

This should have the effect of encouraging back budding 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Pre natter night.

While looking for some thing to do for my natter night, just in case nobody brings anything, I saw this Chinese Juniper and thought it would benefit from some work.

Too late was the cry, after getting it in the studio I was having a good look and I made the mistake of picking up a pair of shears,

This is how it looked a few months ago.

This is now after a gentle prune.

On a stand with an accent.

A close up of the accent.

Quite pleased with the outcome.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Novice workshop at Willowbog Jan 2015.

The workshop at Willowbog Bonsai today was the first of the year and was a successful day for the participants who took part.
There were seven in total with a good variety and number of trees to be worked on.

The Tokanoma display for today.

Sam's False Cypress, here for a thin out to promote some back budding.

It also had some work done to the Jin.

After work was done. When this tree recovers it will be rewired and styled.

There were a number of Japanese Larch here today.

This Squamata Juniper had been in this pot for about Twenty years.

It was transplanted and some branches removed and once again will be worked on when it recovers.

Angela working on one of her Maples.

This garden center Yew was set on it's journey to becoming a Bonsai.

Ian working on the root system.

Plenty to be sorted out.

After removing some roots and potting, the foliage was also reduced.

Yet another Larch.

This Spruce had not fallen out of it's pot, but was also potted then the foliage reduced.

By a long way, as this photo shows.

Another Larch.

Some more trees to be worked on.

David's hands were bigger than this Larch.

A nice Yew, coming along nicely.

Peter also has some nice Sabina Junipers, belonging to Peter Warren, for sale. Just ready for the Ryan Neil workshop coming soon.

With Peter, Terry and myself being kept very busy all day I think everyone enjoyed the day very much.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Memory loss.

I have just remembered this new pot that I bought at the winter image display in Ayr.

It is an accent pot and very nice.

Yet another one for the collection.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Noelanders Trophy 2015.

Finally after six and a half months of frustrating time we are ready for our trip to the Noelanders trophy in Belgium next month.

For anyone who has been following my progress you will know the problems I have had just to get ready.
 I have even changed my Nationality, which I think must be a first.
But now everything is done I am starting to get excited about my first ever visit.

23 days to go.

Natter night 19th Jan 2015.

Despite six people turning up to my natter night there were only two trees brought along.

This first one a small Chinese Elm brought by Margery just needed a little clip out.
This tree is overwintered in a cold green house and it is still producing foliage, despite the cold weather.

After I gave it a clean out of unwanted  branches and also shortened a few others, it is looking a lot better.

Then Ken M arrived with this White Pine, it is not looking very well at the moment with a lot of very brown needles. However the buds do look ok, so it is fingers crossed for Spring to arrive to see if they do start to open.

The tree had all the wire removed and the compost loosened up a little to let air into it.

We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lovely weather.

Because of the Lovely weather [ not ] that we are having I have not been doing anything Bonsai, so I thought I would re-post some photos of trees produced over the last few months here at Ronin.

Ken's Scots Pine.

My Hemlock.

Tommy's Spruce.

My Taxus Cuspidata.

My windswept Larch.

Some nice images have been produced in the studio.
I wonder, is it because we are getting better or is the quality of trees getting better?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Winter arrives.

Apart from the gales ,rain and cold this winter has not been very wintry up to now

This morning it has changed here in Carlisle.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Natter night 12th Jan 2015.

Six brave people turned up for my natter night, though the weather has actually calmed itself down, for how long who knows.
Ken M brought a Scots Pine to be worked on.
 As is the usual thing this photo is of the back of the tree before any work was done.

Ken got started applying wire after some unwanted branches were turned into Jin.

After wiring and tweaking it is looking a lot better.


Andy P brought back the Pine from last week, all wired and ready for it's first tweak.

The apex has been left to grow and hopefully help the trunk to thicken.

Sorry, not many photos tonight but it was a busy night doing Ken's Pine.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Winter image show, Alloway, Ayr.

Today Sue S and myself made the journey up to Ayr for their Winter image show, despite the weather the trip was not bad, just two and a half hours.After a warm welcome we helped to arrange the tables and cover them with cloths. Then the easy bit, put out our displays and wait for everyone else to arrive.

Tables ready come on in.

Our displays, mine on the left and Sue's on the right.

More of the trees in the show.

Fiona you should do your trees before they go on display.

For trimming the grass on Shohin trees.

We had a very good day out, as did all those making the effort to get there.
Thanks for the warm welcome to the Ayr group.