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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Almost done.

With a delivery of fence panels arriving this morning, I have had a very busy day installing them.

To start with I had to remove some of the display benches so that I could get at the panels.

First three installed and I just carried on until I had them all in place.

The next job is to rebuild the benches.

I think I will have to redesign new ones to go along with the new fence, but for now I need a rest.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wild life at Ronin.

While I was tidying up the garden last week I came across this nest and wondered what it was that built it.

The answer came last night when I was checking the trees, unfortunately I did not have the camera to hand so did not get a photo.
 It is in fact a Hedgehogs nest, I will keep trying for a photo and will post when I get one.
Natures way of keeping the slugs at bay. 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Natter night 25th May 2015.

Yet another bank holiday Monday makes the number of visitors low tonight, with only three stalwarts turning up.
Andy P was the first to arrive with this nice little Azalea out in flower.

When the flowers have finished Andy will be cutting back the long growth to make it more compact.
There is plenty of  new growth to cut back to.

This small Maple was taken as an air layer last year and has had it's first cut back.
Starting to take shape.

I will have to keep a careful eye on my Hemlock as it is growing so fast the wire is likely to start to bite into the bark soon.

Two of my Juniper;s catching the last of today's sunshine.

Although it was a quiet night we still enjoyed it.

Tidy up, update.

Well I have completed my tidy up of the garden, for now at least.

There is still a lot more I want to do, but that will have to wait  for a while..

Nice and neat for my natter night  later on.


Quite often I see trees around the area that really inspire me, this is just one that I love.

A Ceder of Lebanon.

A magnificent specimen.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Willowbog novice workshop May 2015.

The workshop today was attended by six students, who apart from one new student, were all regulars.

As is usual Peter starts with a discussion about each students main tree.
This one a Larch from raw stock, which Angela purchased today.

John's Juniper group, being closely watched by Angela.

A nice Beech tree belonging to Peter G.

Now some more trees brought along for work and advice.

A nice Azalea.


A quite large Hawthorn.

A smaller Hawthorn.

Another raw stock Larch, this time it was purchased by John H.

A better photo of the image of John's Larch.

Another small Larch brought along by new boy Alex.

Brian clipping away at his very nice Hemlock.

All to soon it was time to pack all those trees back in the car for the journey home.

The end of a very good workshop day.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Tidy up.

Although I have not posted since Monday I have been quite busy, not on the trees , but the garden.

The area behind the first green house was getting overgrown with Lilac, Pyracantha and Ivy, so it had to go, and me with a bad back.

New fence panels now in place and the offending vegetation gone,it is much better.

Nice and tidy, worth the effort in the end.

Maybe now I can get back to my Bonsai.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Natter night 18th May 2015.

One thing we do not see much here at Ronin are Satsuki Azaleas, maybe because not many have them. But tonight Boxie brought along one of his, to show us how to remove the new growth around the flower buds, to allow more room for the buds to open.

This is the Azalea Boxie was working on.

Maybe you cannot see so good on the photo, but this is the new growth you must remove.

After removing the new growth, the flower buds now have much more room to open.
A good lesson Mike, thank you for the instruction.
Ken M brought this small Hawthorn for a little work.

After adding some wire and a little tweak, it is starting to look a bit windswept, which is what Ken wants.

Andy P brought this accent plant in a nice Walsall ceramics pot.We think it is a Virginia creeper but are not sure. Nice all the same.

Another good interesting night, which we all enjoyed.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Tsuga / Hemlock.

My Hemlock continues to show good new growth this season.

If it carries on like this it will not take long to become a very nice tree.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Dawn Redwood update.

I posted on the 7th May 2015, just eight days ago that my Dawn Redwood had been hit by frost, and had suffered quite a lot of damage to the young foliage.Well here we are on the road to recovery, with some new growth showing already.

This is what frostbite can do to young foliage.

I was lucky this tree is very strong and looks like it will recover very quickly.

Yet more flowers.

After a morning of sun shine even more flowers have opened on my Hawthorn.

Looking slightly down on the tree.

From the right side.

From the left side.

There are still a lot more to come.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hawthorn update .

Just a quick update on the flowers on my Hawthorn.

Still only about one third of the flowers are open, but the weather is starting to warm up , so it should not be long before the rest open.
More photos to come when they do.

Maple / before and after.

My Acer Palmatum , before and after a little pruning 

I will need to do this again in a few weeks time, because it is growing very fast.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The sun has come out to play.

At last the sun has come out again today and it is quite warm, the trees are loving it.

My Acer Palmatum, on the right, has had the trim up I said it was due.

The Juniper ,in the center, is still a little slow to show new growth. But I am sure it will come shortly.

My smaller trees continue to thrive.

Lets have more of this sun shine, please.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Natter night 11th May 2015.

My third post of today, not very often I get to post this many times in one day.

With only one tree to do anything on, it was a good night to just have a natter.

This is the tree that Andy P brought,He said it was an Arctic Beech but I think it is a Siberian Elm.
I should have taken a close up photo.

After a small trim and tweak it is starting to look better.

This is an Acer Palmatum that could be the next tree to have some work done as it is growing so fast it is starting to lose it's shape.

Just a few days ago you could see every branch, now not any.
Looks like another post coming soon, when I get it done.