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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Shade house.

My new shade house is almost finished, just some benches to put in now.

I even managed to get rid of the rubbish that was caused by the removal of the old one.

Natter night 29th June 2015.

With six visitors but only three trees, it was another good night, the weather was also good so we could work outside.

Here you see Paul starting to wire a small Sulpher Spray Boulevard, with Andy and Sue having a good natter in the back ground.

John G brought his Hornbeam to show how much growth it has put on .

Ken M brought his Larch, for a little clip and tweak.

Looking great Ken.

Meanwhile Paul was still adding wire, closely watched by Ken.

More wire.

After a light clip and style, this tree is starting to look quite good now.

Hope this weather stays like this for a while, it is about time Summer got here.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Shade house update.

I have been very busy this week updating my shade house.
It has served it's purpose for a long time now but needed to be improved.
I have replaced the top, which was just netting, with poly carbonate sheets so I have more control of how much water the trees get. 

Side panels in place, but I still have plenty to do, such as a trellis frame for the upper half, which will be covered with shade netting.

The trees have done really well under the shade of the netted area, especially collected material 
Weather permitting I will get some more done tomorrow.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Catching up.

While I was trying to catch up with some work on my trees, one of my neighbors called round and asked if I wanted another tree.Being the gentleman I am I of course said yes.

It turned out to be a Zelkova, Grey bark Elm.

He has had the tree for a long time but has neglected it for about three years, apart from watering and the occasional feed, it has had nothing else done.

I will give it a good feed and maybe a little trim to kick start new growth, but that is all for the time being.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Natter night 22nd June 2015.

Here we are once more, my natter night back in full swing , after being away for the last two Monday's.
It was nice to see a lot of my regular visitors back in the garden.

I managed to get some dewiring done as well, first on my Hemlock.

After the wire was removed the branches have remained in place quite good.I will let it rest for a while and then clip it back a little.

I also dewired this Squamata Juniper, which is having a very good year for new growth.

Margery brought this Cotoneaster to be put into a Bonsai pot for the first time.

Which was done, despite a warning that it might be too late in the season to be repotted.
Fingers crossed it will be alright.

This nice Azalea was given a clip out by owner Sue S, to thin and shape a little.

The shape is now more defined.

This Oak, belonging to Ken M was also given a good clip to open up the canopy.

Now more open and some shape returned.

This nice Cascade Hawthorn was also trimmed and shaped.

Now looking better with some advice from Mike R.

It was nice to be working on trees again, with the usual group of like minded people.
A very good night enjoyed by all.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

A good look.

I have had a good look at some of my trees and can see how much they have grown in just one week, while I was on holiday.

This Larch was showing new buds starting to come when I went away, now there are three inch extensions.

My Hemlock is so full it needs a trim.

Maple also full of foliage.

This Juniper is now showing signs of new growth, at last.

New extensions all over the tree.

I must go on holiday more often, as the trees like to be left to grow freely.


Just been to see some Satski Azalea in full bloom.


Back with my Bonsai.

After a great week away in Portugal on holiday, it is nice to be back at home with my Bonsai.

I now have a lot of work to do, with wire to remove and trimming of new growth.
Also a lot of weeds to get rid of.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Willowbog chat June 2015.

Apart from a howling wind, the chat day went very well and was also well attended.

Today's choice of display tree, a very nice Satski.

A close up of the flowers.

Peter has been using a new hair restorer.

David and Jane brought a Blackthorn, which had been air layered about two months ago, to be removed and potted.
David got to work with the saw.


Unwrapped and look at those roots. The separated part was then put into a pot and secured so it would not move.

Ron, down from Scotland for the day brought this nice Deshojo Maple for a clip out.

Which Terry stepped in to help with. Nice job Terry.

Graham W brought this quite large Hawthorn back for some advice.

After which some work was done and it improved the tree a lot.

Terry busy giving Dianne some of his knowledge about her Larch group.

Framed by the doorway, Brian with a Hornbeam, which was also clipped and wired.

John H working away quietly once again.

Meanwhile Scott spent a long time leaf pruning a large Acer. 

Anthony also found a quiet corner to work in.

Kieth was also kept busy wjth his trees.

Finally another of Dianne's trees, a root over rock Cork Bark Elm.

We were not sure if the roof was going to come off or not, but everyone still enjoyed the day.