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Monday, 28 September 2015

Natter night 28th September 2015.

After our visit to Scotland last Saturday it was back to a more normal night of Bonsai, tea and coffee, with good company.

The first task of the evening was given to John and Boxie to dewire this twin trunk Scots Pine.
As you can see it was good enough to work outside tonight.

This Potentilla had finished flowering it was clipped back.

It now looks quite tidy.

This afternoon I wired this Cotoneaster and styled it for the first time.

Also today I found this piece of Tufa rock and decided to have a play around planting it up with Chinese Juniper and other bits I had lying about.

Finally I got Mike R to wire this dwarf Scots Pine for me to style.

It turned out quite good for a first styling.

Yet another good night's work.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Ronin in the gloamin.

We have just returned from a trip to Scotland, with a visit to see Robert Porch then on to Wattston Bonsai.

When I say we I mean myself and six of the regulars to my natter night's.

We started at Robert's as usual with a cup of coffee and a warm welcome, then a good look round the garden.

Talk about kid's in a sweet shop.

Happy faces.

Not much space to move around.

But if you look carefully you can  find all sorts of goodies.

Not mushroom left in this pot.

Arriving at the new look Wattston workshop and pot display area.

A very large White Pine on the sales benches.

Chatting and David getting the camera going.

More trees for sale.

New pot shelving.

Tools, feeds and compost.

More pots.

Yet more trees.

Looking at trees from Japan on the computer.

What a great day out.

Thank you Robert and Dougie for the hospitality and the warm welcome.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Winter is coming.

The first sign that winter is on it's way is showing on my Hawthorn.
Not only are the leaves turning into Autumn colours they are also starting to drop.

Meanwhile this Potentilla continues to produce flowers.

This Common Juniper has had a good season and will soon be ready for a full wiring job.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Natter night 21st September 2015.

A quick post before my internet goes down again.

Boxie brought a couple of Chinese Juniper's to clean up the deadwood and apply lime sulpher.

It was so crowded in the studio I had to take this photo from outside through the window.

Looks a lot cleaner now.

Ken M brought this Japanese Black Pine for some work to be done.

After most of the tree had been wired Ken said to take a photo, so I did. I think he meant the tree.

The tree after a bit of tweaking, it needs to be trimmed back at the right time of course.

A great night once more, which finished quite late.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Natter night 14th September 2015.

Monday once more and natter night was another good night of banter and bonsai.

To start the night is Ken's clump style Chinese Juniper, which was in need of a little thinning out.

After a clip and pulling down a couple of branches it looks much better.

I even managed to catch Ken making the tea and coffee.

Ken also brought these two Common Juniper's, which had no work done, but they are looking quite healthy at the moment.

Meanwhile Margery was removing wire from some small Pines.

Andy was also busy putting wire on this Shohin Juniper.

There was plenty work done tonight and everyone seemed to enjoy the night.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Dawn Redwood Forest.

Today I started putting together some of the Dawn Redwood I obtained recently into one pot to create a forest.

The tallest tree is about three feet in height and as you can see there are seven trees in the group.

I did not have to prune any roots as they were compact enough to just place into the new pot,thus reducing the risk of repotting at this time of year.

The group will now be kept in the shade house until it starts to get cold, then will be placed into the green house for winter.

Check out previous posts for photos of how the were when I got them.
They are already taking shape and could be quite good in a few seasons.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Natter night 7th Sept 2015.

Tonight I started to clean out the Dawn Redwoods I got recently,by removing any dead branches and all the weeds from around the top of the pots.

Now this has been done there will be better air circulation around the roots, which will aid the recovery of these trees.

This Berberis, which was collected earlier this year has also had another clip back.

I cannot believe how fast this tree is growing.

Sue S has also been having a clip out, this photo was from Saturday at Willowbog.

Tonight at my place.Looking good Sue.

This Azalea of Sue's was given a little trim.

Nice pot as well.

I was asked by Sue to do a little clean up on this Rigida Juniper, which turned out to be a time consuming job.

Sue also brought this Seki { Mini Hinoki } in another nice Japanese pot.

Yet another busy and enjoyable night with good company.