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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Another stand.

I have been working on yet another new display stand.

Wood , cut and routered then sanded.

Fixed together with glue and dowels.

First coat of wax on.

This is another I knocked up this morning.

When they dry I will then give them a few coats of bees wax.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Natter night 28th December 2015.

I did manage to get this Shohin Chinese Juniper finished to a basic style.

As it was.

The first thing done was to remove the lower left branch and clean the trunk.

This is about half way wiring the tree.

Finished for now.

Just have to give the tree some good after care, which is the most important part of doing Bonsai.

Pre natter night.

Just a quick teaser for tonight's natter night.

This Shohin Juniper is the tree I am styling tonight, so look back later to see if I manage to finish it.

I think it has potential to become quite a nice image.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Bonsai Thursday.

My day today has been about Bonsai again, not Xmas, as I have potted on this Chinese Juniper into a very nice vintage Japanese pot by Housen.

This will allow the tree more room to spread it's roots and thrive.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A little more work.

Today I have done a little more work on this Juniper, cleaned and applied a coat of Lime Sulpher to the Shari.

How much can a tree change with so little work, this was it before I started.

Liking this tree even more now. 

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Juniper update.

A new pot for the Juniper I styled last night.

As I have the facilities to keep some of my trees frost free, I do not worry about changing pots at this time of year.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Natter night 21st December 2015.

I have had a very busy night with eight visitors turning up for my regular Monday night get together.

It must be the festive season that brought everyone out.

I started the night on this Chinese Juniper by cleaning the trunk, then wired and did a basic styling job.

The after working photo shows this tree has a lot of potential for the future.

I even had Dan and his good lady wife pay me a visit while on their travels.

They brought along three newly purchased trees to show us.
Two White Pines and one Chinese Juniper.

All three are nice trees, you made some good choices Dan.

I even got John cleaning and coating the jin on this Juniper.

I would like to wish all my visitors to my blog and my natter night,
A very happy Christmas and a very good new year for 2016.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Shohin stand.

This morning I have been in the studio making another Shohin stand, I just love messing around with wood.

It needs some more coats of beeswax, but looking good.

I have also obtained some more Chinese Juniper's to play with.

They will keep me busy over the dark winter nights.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Another Juniper.

I have had another visit from Dave R today and was looking for something to do I decided to have a go at this Chinese Juniper as it is quite a while since it had any work done.

After working, the tree looks much more compact now.

Just one hour can make such a difference.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

In the studio today.

I have been messing around in the studio today, just playing with bit's and pieces of wood and some old branches.

First thing was this stand which has had another tier added.

Now a double height.

Next job was this piece of Hawthorn, which I added an extra foot on the back to make it stand level.

Then a top was put on, now all it needs is a couple of coats of wax.

An Acer Palmatum winter image photo.

Finally this Taxus Cuspidata which has been styled recently for the first time.

A good afternoon's work done.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Natter night 14th December 2015.

Last night Boxie brought his laptop to show us a slideshow of the demo that Bjorn Bjorholm did in Cornwall,and boy it was good.

On the first of December I posted some photos of this Pine that was going to the workshop and said I would post pics of the styled tree.

Although not the best photo here it is. Quite a change but a very nice image.
{ photo taken of computer screen }

After the slideshow it was back to work in the studio.

Andy P brought back one of his Cedar's to be discussed and dewired.

There are still a few options for this tree.

I also did a little more tweaking on these Chinese Junipers.

The bottom right branch is still on the tree, but has been brought in a little closer.

This one has only had a very light adjustment.

A very entertaining night, thanks for the company lads.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Bjorn Bjorholm workshop Juniper.

I have just got the first photos of a Chinese Juniper that was done on a workshop with Bjorn Bjorholm in Cornwall.

The tree earlier this year when it was brought to my studio to have the deadwood cleaned.

Today after the workshop, an amazing transformation.

The view from the rear side.

This is not my tree, but I wish it was.

Juniper thought's.

I have been thinking about removing the lower right hand branch on this Chinese Juniper.

I think the tree would look more compact without it.

I have tried moving the branch closer to the trunk, but still think it needs to go.

I would be grateful for your thought's about it.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Sympathetic carving.

Today I have been doing some carving on a Juniper, to make some cut off stumps look more natural.

The plastic bag was just to keep the foliage out of the way.

Before I started the work.

After work it has much more flow to the deadwood.

Still needs a little more refined and to be coated in Lime Sulpher.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Natter night 7th December 2015.

Somewhat depleted numbers tonight, but with the recent storm in the area I was not expecting many people to turn up.

As there were no trees brought to work on I did some more refinement on a couple of Chinese Juniper's.

This one has had a clean up of the deadwood and a slight move of the foliage to compact it a little more.
Getting better all the time.


This one I found a nice pot from Walsall studio ceramics that suited  the tree,so it was potted.

Nibbles for the night in the studio.