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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Hawthorn breaking buds.

I noticed today that this Hawthorn is coming out and has bud burst.

I think it is far to early for it to be doing this now.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Nice pot.

This is yet another of my new pots from the Noelanders trip last weekend.

A very nicely detailed pot by Deijyu.

I really love the feel of this pot.

I D please.

I purchased this pot at the Noelanders show last weekend and I would like some help to identify the potter and artist.

Thanks for any help.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Noelanders weekend 2016.

No doubt everyone will be looking forward to lots of photos of the show, but as I was to say the least, under the weather, I did not use the camera at all. Sorry to all of you.

I did however manage to focus on the main task of going to the show to buy even more pots for my collection.

This first lot are nice Chinese pots.

Now my favorite potter Bigei, I splashed out on seven of them.

Two more Japanese pots, the one on the right is Deijyu.

Two from Esther Griffiths.

Stone Monkey, Andy Pearson pot.

Ian Baillie pot.

Some close up snaps.

Apart from being ill all weekend we still enjoyed ourselves.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Natter night 18th January 2016.

Tonight I thought it was a good time to work on my Dawn Redwood as it has not had any work done for over one year. It had a bad start last year when it got caught by a late frost and the foliage was damaged, so I just left it to grow and recover, which it has.

This is before any wire was applied, if you look close you can see the amount of new growth it put on.

After wiring and styling I think it is looking a whole lot better.

Not the usual shape of a Redwood, but I like to be different.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Is it time?

Time for what? you may ask, time to put the trees back on the benches. 

Maybe not yet when I look out the window.

I think I will wait for a while, { about six weeks or so}

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Winter time.

Winter has finally arrived here in the north of England, with a little snow and a good frost, which will help to kill some of the bugs that seem to thrive in the warm and very wet weather that we have had up to now.
I also think that my Bonsai trees need a decent amount of frost during this period to get them to know when spring arrives.

One good thing about a frosty morning it usually means a nice sunny but cold day follows.
But a very nice sunset over the houses.

I had to put at least one photo of a tree on this post.

We are expecting minus 3 degrees Celsius tonight, so another cold one. 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Natter night 11th January 2016.

Tonight was just as the title says, natter night, as no trees were brought to work on.

We had a good natter about all sorts of things, including Bonsai and put the world to rights.

I even got a photo of Andy P making the coffee.

The talking got round to our forthcoming trip to the Noelanders Trophy in Belgium, which is approaching fast.
Only one more Natter night before we go.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Noelanders Trophy 2016.

Only eleven days to go before we set off on the long road to the Noelanders show, this will be my second trip and I am starting to get excited already.

I hope the weather is a lot better than this.

One thing for sure the atmosphere in the cars will be a lot warmer.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Bonsai Thursday.

Thursday once more and more work on this Chinese Juniper.
It has been discussed a few times and thought whether it would be better to remove the lower right hand branch or not.

The branch was covered with a bag to give the impression of what it would like without it.

After seeing this the branch was removed and this has compacted the tree quite a lot.

For those who visit my blog on a regular basis, did you notice that my new pot display shelves have also been added to.

A lot of pots in a small space, but not cramped.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Natter night 4th January 2016.

The first natter night of 2016 was another good night of working on trees and chatting about all sorts of things.

I am starting to get excited about the Noelanders show in a couple of weeks time, so much so when in the studio today I thought to myself, where am I going to put the new pots I buy.
So I have had a tidy and as you can see I now have lots of space for them.

I built this new shelf unit, which is four foot by three foot, thus giving me a lot more display area.

Andy P brought one of his Christmas gifts to be worked on, an Ilex Crenata.

After wiring and a little clipping it is now looking much better than it was.

Margery W brought two trees, mainly to show us how much growth they have put on over the last season.
A Common Juniper .

A Chinese Elm, which is kept indoors for Winter, so is still growing well.

A great start to the new year.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Pot display.

Do you need trees to make a nice display or can you just appreciate the pots by themselves ?

I can, but am I alone in this thought ?

I am a pot nut.

Another pot.

One more pot added to the collection today.

This is yet another by Esther Griffiths through Walsall Studio Ceramics.

A very nice addition to my collection.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Willowbog chat January 2016.

First chat day of 2016 at Willowbog Bonsai got us off to a great start to the year.

The Tokonoma display, European Beech.

Ceramic accent.

Was it something I said or was it warmer at that end of the workshop ?

A small Larch, which belongs to John H, wired and brought to be given it's first styling.

A change of angle and branches placed.

Peter G working on a nice Yew.

Anthony was busy cleaning his Chinese Juniper.

I think that pot is too big for that Juniper.

A very nice White Pine.

This Japanese Crab Apple was brought by David C to find a better pot.

We thought this one from Walsall ceramics would be the one.

Some trees from the Willowbog benches.

A great start to the new year.

Thanks for the soup and warm rolls Jean, very welcome on a cold day.