Thursday 23 February 2017

Bonsai Thursday with Dave.

After a look round the garden to see what damage Doris had done, which is minimal I am pleased to say she almost missed us,I noticed how much the trees are nearly ready to bud burst.

So as a result of this I have started to do my repotting.
My Kokonoe White Pine is the first one to be done, as I needed to see which pot I could use, as I have a limited number of pots. Ha Ha.

My pot of choice is this pot by Bigei, I stood the tree in it to test for size before starting to comb out the roots.

After potting I am very pleased with the result.

Having changed the angle a little I had to do a bit of tweaking on the pads.

I have just seen the forecast for tonight and it says it could be frosty, so I will be keeping it inside for now.

Dave brought this Juniper over today to do some work on and tidy up.
As it has been some what neglected for a few years and as I had the repotting gear ready, we decided another pot was in order.

No sooner said than done, so quick in fact that I did not take a before photo.
When the tree has had time to settle we will give it a good clean up on the deadwood then a feeding program to make it regain some vigor in the foliage.

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