Monday 13 February 2017

Natter night 13th February 2017.

Although there was a cold wind blowing outside tonight it was quite cosy in the studio with Eight of us in there.

Ken brought his Juniper Raft Group back for yet another clip out.

This tree was only clipped about six months ago and has already out grown it's self.

It still needs some wiring and more trimming.

John G brought his Hornbeam to do some work on the deadwood.

John has also been doing a course on pottery and brought these two pots he has made.

The dog emblem is a Red Setter which he has adopted as his own.

Yet another good night with good company.

Sorry English Setters.


  1. Correction Ray -English Setters - well that's what they are supposed to be!

  2. They looked more Red than English to me.