Monday 20 March 2017

Natter night 20th March 2017.

Another night where the weather did not stop people coming to my get together, amazing what some folk will go through for small trees.

I started early once again to get some work done on this Itoigawa Juniper.

It took quite a long time to thin out and wire, but looks much better.

Back to repotting and Ken's twin trunk Larch.

It was a task to remove from the pot, Boxie to the rescue,

Ken and I then did a little more wiring and placement of branches.
The branch on the bottom right is weak, so has been left to see if it gains some vigor, but it may be removed at a later date.

Paul was set the task of applying raffia to this Juniper before it was potted and given a start into a semi-cascade style.

Not an easy job, but a start.

Yet another productive night.

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