Monday 29 May 2017

Natter night 29th May 2017.

The weather was dull and overcast but the night was still as jovial as usual. The only tree to be brought was an Oak that belongs to Ken M so it had all the attention.

The Tokonama display for tonight.My Itoigawa Juniper and a Larch.

The front of the Oak before any work.

The back view.

Front view after working.

Back view after working.

I placed it in the Tokonama for a photo, but as it was getting dark I had to use the flash.

We did manage to sit outside for a while.

Mikes little brother, Steve, came along to pick up his Rock planting.

Margery also popped in earlier to collect her trees, that have been here on holiday.

Not a lot to work on, but still a good night with good company.

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