Friday 30 June 2017

Susan's workshop.

Today it was Susan's day for a workshop with Robert.

Although Susan has only been doing Bonsai for a short time, she is very keen to learn and has amassed quite a good collection already.
This is a very nice Yew she bought off Ken M earlier this year, it is thriving in her garden and will soon need more work done.

This large Larch was one for today.

Boxie and I were given the task of wiring it. Meanwhile Robert showed Susan how to defoliate a Maple.

Robert started to thin out this Spruce prior to being wired, closely watched by Susan.

Then her and Boxie started to apply wire.

Robert turned his attention back to the Larch.

Adding even more wire and tweaking into place.

A nice image emerging.

Finished for now. WOW, he done it again.

As I have to go to work I had to leave at this point.

Workshop at Ronin tomorrow, watch out for the next post.

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