Tuesday 10 April 2018

Natter night 9th April 2018.

The night started with the arrival of Robert and Mick, down from Glasgow for the get together.

As the weather was so good it was nice for people to be able to wander around the garden and have a look at some of the sales trees Robert brought.

Just a few.

Some small Maples for Andy's group planting.

Which Robert got stuck into and put together.

Ken M as usual brought some trees to work on, this cascade Larch was the first to be done

Ken and Robert wired the whole tree.

A lot of work.

The final image looking very nice.

Meanwhile, after Ken had combed out the roots of this White Pine, Boxie repotted it.

Watched intently by Mick.

Another nice tree.

This Cascade Cotoneaster was also given a new pot, as the old one was broken.

Thanks to all who came along to make the night special.

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