Monday 14 May 2018

Natter night 14th May 2018.

Yet another good night of Bonsai, with three of ken's trees already here, he even managed to bring another one, a Scots pine which he thought needed a repot.

He was not wrong when we saw the root ball and almost no compost.

This was a sure sign that something was wrong, this dead branch on the apex.

This is the root ball that was removed, how all this fitted into the pot we will never know.

The tree should be much healthier now, with some tender loving care over the next few weeks.

Boxie applied some guy wires to Kens Cork bark elm.

Which looks much better after it's repot.

Ken tried to hide behind his Hawthorn.

He said he was cleaning off the weeds, but he was just trying to hide.


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