Monday 26 November 2018

Natter night 26th November 2018.

Another good night, but very cold outside, quite a lot of work done on the trees that were brought along.

This is another Larch that I brought back from our trip to Robert's on Saturday.
It was wired and styled by Robert, which is not what I usually buy but I could not resist this one.

Graham brought this large Larch,which needed the wire removed. It was still holding on to it's needles as it has had a bit of shelter. So the tree was placed outside and given a light shake to remove them, rather than drop them on the floor in the workshop.

After the wire was removed it was good to see the branches had not moved back to their original position.

Robert W brought along this Potentilla for some advice on.

Ken M brought four small tree's, to get some tuition on branch selection.
A nice wind swept Hawthorn.

A Field Maple.

A Palmatum Maple.

Finally a flowering Cherry.

Boxy started to wire his Korean Hornbeam, which will take quite a long time to complete.

Full photos will be posted when it is completed.

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