Monday 5 November 2018

Natter night 5th November 2018.

A good night with lots of work done.
As my Maple has dropped all it's leaves I thought I would give the new lads a lesson in how I prune it at this time of year.

By removing any thick and crossing twigs, it opens up the canopy a lot.

Ken's Cotoneaster with rock, needed a trim.

Which he did not need any encouragement to do. 

Good job Ken.

New lad Matty brought this small tree to see if it could be identified, with the help of some photos and Robert Porch, he found out it is a Cherry.

Graham brought this Literati Juniper to remove the wire.

It will now be left to overwinter before feeding well next year.

Ken also brought this Black Pine to work on, but having been told to leave it until Spring, it had the wire removed for now.

Even without wire the tree is taking shape well.

Yet another fun night and lots of work done.

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