Tuesday 15 October 2019

Natter night 14th October 2019.

The day started with a run out to pick Boxy up to come for our evening get together, I took the camera with me to get a pic of his Deshojo Maple as it is in its Autumn colour.

I decided to do some work on this Chinese Juniper as it was looking a little untidy.

After a little wiring and a trim I cleaned up the bark and treated the Shari with lime sulpher.

Graham's main tree for tonight a Pyracantha in need of a trim.

After a light trim ,Graham added a little wire.

It now looks much neater.

It even looks better from the other side.

This Buxus is one that Ken left a while ago, it needed some work done, so Kevin got to work wiring it.

Boxy also helped.

Then he tweaked it to make the start of a windswept style.

Some good work done tonight as well as a good laugh.

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