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Monday 15 August 2016

Natter night 15th August 2016.

It must have been the weather that brought everyone out tonight, as it was a very busy one, with ten visitors turning up.

Ken M  brought this Cascade Cotoneaster to refine a little.

After a little wire and clip it looks much neater.

Next is another Cotoneaster, this one belongs to Susan who wanted some advice about styling.

After I removed a couple of branches that were not needed I showed Susan which branches to wire, which she will do and then bring the tree back to be tweaked into place.

Another of Susan's trees, this one a Common Juniper was given a clip out to allow light in and create a better canopy.

Now thinned out the canopy looks a lot tidier.

Paul M brought this Pisifera Sulpher Spray just to remove the wire.

Finally this Azalea got some work done by Boxie to create a semi cascade, carefully does it as they are so brittle.

Starting to get there and looking nice.

As it was such a lovely evening most people worked outside in the garden.

Yet another good night.

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