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Tuesday 31 July 2018

Tony Tuesday.

I had a call from Tony today asking if I was busy tonight and as I had nothing on he came over with his Juniper, which he had removed the wire from.

Some of the branches did move a little, but the overall shape is quite good.

Tony started to rewire the branches, with a little guidance from me. 

I find it hard to watch people working while I stand and do nothing.

Getting there, but still a bit to go.

Tony is going to finish wiring and bring the tree back tomorrow night, for our Wednesday Bonsai night.

Monday 30 July 2018

Natter night 30th July 2018.

This evening the rains came down with a vengeance and kept people away, fair weather Bonsaiists.

Ken was the only one who brought a tree to work on, his nice Fir.

Looking really healthy with fresh new growth, it had some wire added and a little prune.

This tree keeps getting better.

Literati Boulevard.

I have done some maintenance pruning on this Literati Boulevard this morning.

I think it looks much neater now.

Saturday 28 July 2018


Dave has left two more pots with me.

Sun burn.

During the heatwave this little fellow seems to have caught quite a lot of sunburn.

I told him to put plenty of cream on.

Thursday 26 July 2018

Mugo Pine.

This Mugo pine has now joined the forest in my garden.

There must be a nice image in there.

I just have to find it.

Bonsai Thursday with Dave.

Dave and I had yet another great day doing what we enjoy doing the most, creating images of trees.
I was ready when Dave arrived for our normal day of  working on new images of trees.
This is another Procumbens juniper.

Tools, wire and sphagnum moss on hand.

Dave had prepared this piece of bogwood ready for the tree.

Then we started, I will let the photos tell the story.

Finished for now.

Two together.

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Bonsai Wednesday.

A good night with John and Tony. Even more Bonsai to work on and good weather as well.

John brought this Taxus back to see if we could crank up the new apex a little more, as it is about two months since we started on it.

The answer was yes we could. Now it is in the position we want so we started to shorten the main trunk and make it look more natural.

Tony brought this tree to see if we could identify it.

A close up of the foliage. Any one help with this one please ?

Another couple of finds from a charity shop.

How lucky am I ?

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Natter night 23rd July 2018.

I had a very busy night last night, with everyone deciding to visit at the same time.

This is what my natter night is all about, people getting together and talking about small trees, the banter is great.

Ken's Golden Taxus before any work.

Boxy getting down to it, tweaking that is.

A slight change in planting angle and it looks much better.

Graham brought a couple of Larch to have a little adjustment work done.

Paul's two small Maples.

An extra visitor keeping an eye on what we were up to.

A very good night was had by all.

Sunday 22 July 2018

Bonsai Sunday.

Having been away for most of this past week, I foliar fead my trees last night and this morning after watering they look really fresh and healthy.

They will be having a feed of fish emulsion later this week.