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Wednesday 4 July 2018

Wednesday Bonsai night.

Tonight was Berberis night as I said in a previous post, as everyone who has ever wired one will know they have very sharp thorns, so how to wire without getting stabbed ?
I have found a way to do it.

This is the tree before starting with lots of new young growth.

This is the method I have used, a piece of wire cut to length and twisted to leave enough to tie to a strong Jin.

By twisting tight around the Jin it is secure enough to spread the loop part over the young branches holding them in place.

As shown here.

Just three pieces of wire and most of the new foliage is in place.

Sorry not to clear in this photo, but you can get the idea.

The finished image for now.

Not one drop of blood was spilled.

You still have to be careful with the new growth as they break very easily.
But it worked for me.

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