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Sunday 31 December 2017

Goodbye 2017.

As we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018 we have a super moon to see us through.

Saturday 30 December 2017

Clearing snow.

This morming I went out to clear all the snow we had yesterday.
Oh it's gone, saved me a lot of work.

I only saw about four flakes coming down.

Nearly the new year so we can look forward to spring.


Thursday 28 December 2017

Bonsai Thursday with Dave.

Today Dave brought another Yew for us to plant on our latest project, this nice piece of rock.

This was last weeks work, but it needed something on the top right hand side to create balance.

After planting the new tree it has helped a lot.

After a little wire was added and the branches placed it looks much better.

A long way to go but a very good start.

Tuesday 26 December 2017

Another guard dog.

I now have another guard dog, this one is looking after my pots in the house.

Monday 25 December 2017

Sign of the times.

One of my presents for Xmas was a new sign for the studio.

I think they are trying to tell me something.

Friday 22 December 2017

Winter care.

Even though the trees are sleeping the bugs are awake, so I have just sprayed them with an insecticide.

The weather has warmed up so the bugs will be on the move.

Prevention is better than cure.

Thursday 21 December 2017

Bonsai Thursday with Dave.

When Dave came today he was carrying a bag with something in it, I was puzzled to say the least.

I thought a christmas prezzie, I was wrong, it was this Yew.

He brought it to plant into our latest project.

It went in quite easy, along with a small Pyracantha in the front.
The branches were wired down,just to place at a better angle.

Jins created,to add interest.

Other plants will be added as and when we find them.

Monday 18 December 2017

Natter night 18th December 2017.

Well here we are, the last get together of 2017, and what a good night it was.

Only one tree brought tonight, for an emergency repot, this Spruce was in need of some fresh compost.

Sunday 17 December 2017

Potty Christmas.

As the Christmas season is upon us I thought about a tree for pot nut's like me.

Seasons greetings everyone.

Friday 15 December 2017

Natter night 18th December 2017.

This coming Monday 18th December will be the last Natter night for three weeks,as it will be Xmas day then new years day, so the first one of 2018 will be the 8th January 2018.

If you fancy a cup of coffee and a mince pie come along and join in.

I don't do Xmas cards, so I would like to wish all my visitors a very merry time over the festive season.

Thursday 14 December 2017

Bonsai Thursday.

When Dave arrived today I was looking at this Juniper, just to see if there is a better planting angle.

Still not sure, but plenty of time to make my mind up.

I quite like this angle.


Dave brought our next project, root over or root in, not sure either.

The pot for now.

Fixed into the pot and filled with compost.

It will be left outside until spring to settle and hopefully cover in more moss.

Monday 11 December 2017

Natter night 11th December 2017.

Due to the cold weather we could not do any work on the trees tonight, -4at eight o'clock, due to get colder through the night.

The only work done was drinking coffee.

It will warm up one day.

Sunday 10 December 2017

Is Bonsai quick ?

I was given this Squamata juniper about five years ago and did not know what to do with it.

This is the same tree, photo taken earlier this year, shows a much improved image.

It will soon be ready to go into a show, maybe two years time.

Thursday 7 December 2017

Bonsai Thursday.

Wet and windy with a threat of snow to come, so what can you do ?

Dave and I discussed future work to be done in Spring on this Squamata juniper.

We also talked about a pot for this Cotoneaster.

Monday 4 December 2017

Natter night 4th December 2017.

A little low on visitors tonight and only Boxie brought a tree to do some work on.
This Japanese Black Pine which he managed to remove all the wire from.

Having nothing else to do I brought this Juniper in to have a look at.

After a discussion I added some wire and gave it a basic styling.

A long way to go, but Bonsai has to start somewhere.

Sunday 3 December 2017

Pot cleaning.

The television was a load of rubbish tonight, so I have just cleaned all of my pots in the cabinet.

Even though they are behind glass doors they still get dull, so I coat them with Camellia oil, to make them shine again.

I really must be potty.

Kokonoe White Pine.

My Kokonoe white pine is doing well at the moment coping with the cold weather we are having.

The tree when I first purchased it.

First styling.

First Bonsai pot by Bigei.

Thie morning in the shade house.

Thursday 30 November 2017

Bonsai Thursday.

A follow up of my post from yesterday.

When Dave arrived I was already putting wire on this Boulevard Cypress that I started last night.
This is the tree now after a restyle and the lime sulpher has dried.

This is before I did any work yesterday.

It is much more open now and should grow well next season.

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Clean up.

I noticed today that this Boulevard Cypress was still covered in moss and there was a lot of algae on the trunk, Shari and Jin, so this evening I decided to make the most of being retired now and cleaned it up.

I started by giving the trunk a wash down with a little soapy water, then a spray with clean water,after covering the compost to stop it getting any more water into the pot.

The next job was to dewire and clip out any unwanted foliage.

Then nearly all the moss was removed and some new compost added to the top.

I left a little moss and some lichen that has grown naturally.

I then coated the Shari and Jin with lime sulpher.

I will leave the tree in the studio until tomorrow morning when Dave comes and maybe then do a rewire and restyle.

Still wet.

My trees have been under cover in the green house for ten days now and the compost is still wet. It just goes to show how wet they would have been if I had left them outside to fend for themselves.

As it is they all seem to be doing well at the moment.

Monday 27 November 2017

Natter night 27th November 2017.

A cold night which was made warmer with an unexpected visit from Robert Porch and Mick G from the Scottish land.

Robert brought this Dragon Cascade pot for Boxie, jealous, you bet I was.

Andy P brought this Pine to be dewired.

Boxie was right in there helping once more.

Then Ken M arrived with this Juniper group.

Which he started to trim a little, watched closely by Mike, Mick and Mike, I know it gets confusing at times.

Then Robert got stuck into Ken's tree and clipped some more.

It now looks much more open, but still needs to be wired and shaped a bit.

Despite the cold outside we had a really good night with plenty information coming from Robert.
We also had a good laugh.