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Sunday 30 April 2017

Needs must.

I have decided today to sell some of my trees and a few pots.

Please PM me for details and prices.
Buyer to arrange delivery.

Saturday 29 April 2017

A short video of my trees today.

Taken with the phone.

Very similar.

I just spotted this photo from Saitama and thought the tree looks very similar to my Squamata Juniper.

From Saitama.

My Squamata.

My tree needs a few more years, but seems to be on the right track.

Watered and Fed.

I have just been feeding and watering the trees this morning and they are starting to look really healthy.

Love this time of year with all the new growth.

Thursday 27 April 2017

First flowers.

The flowers on my Hawthorn have started to open at last.

Only a few at the moment, but lot's more to come.

I have also given the newly bought Dwarf Japanese Holly a new pot.

I think it was just potted on into this cheap pot to be sold.

It is now in a Walsal Studio Ceramic pot more in keeping with the size of the tree.

Bonsai Thursday with Dave, { and Mike }

Another Thursday another Maple.

Dave brought yet another Maple that was removed from the garden.
Four views taken, turning a quarter turn each time before clipping.

Four views after clipping.

You can see by the amount of unwanted foliage lying on the bench just how much was removed.
This tree, just like the other, now has a basic style to work with.

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Bjorn Bjorholm workshop.

I have just found out that there are some places still available on Sat 14th and Sun 15th October in Glasgow.If any one would like to participate please get in touch ASAP as places will fill up fast.

Bjorn working on my Boulevard Cypress last year.

Natter night 24th April 2917.

I now have access to my photos this morning, so here is my report of last nights gathering.

After a couple of days away my Acer Palmatum had put on a lot of growth, so it had a good clip back.

My new turn table that I picked up on Sunday from Ben Mcnulty.

It was put to work when Ken brought this Hawthorn to work on.

Works very well, a good addition to any workshop.

After removing the old wire and a good clipout the Hawthorn is looking well.

Monday 24 April 2017

No post tonight.

I am sorry to report that I cannot post my usual Natter night post as photo bucket is down again and I have no access to my pics.

I will try again in the morning.

Another pot.

This is yet another pot I purchased recently.

A limited edition Walsall Studio Ceramic pot, which was commissioned by Bonsai Focus.

As you can see this one is 99 of 100.

More pots.

Here are the photos of my new pots from the BTA at Coventry over the weekend.

This is the Ian Baillie pot I bought before I left home.

Another from Ian.


Tokoname - Housen.

Modern Japanese

Sunday 23 April 2017

BTA Coventry 2017.

Rather than have a very long day we decided to travel down on Saturday to Coventry and stay overnight in a hotel.
As it was such a nice day and we had plenty of time we went into town to have a look around.

First place we came across, I think the wife told the taxi driver which shop she wanted.

Sunday morning at the show I was introduced to my new pot by it's maker Ian Baillie.
Such a nice man and a very good potter thanks Ian.

Ian's stand.

Club displays.

Corin doing a demo on the raffle prize, which I did not win.

Some of the trade stands.

David Jones on his knees again.

My new tree, A Japanese Holly.

Back home now after a very good couple of days.
It was nice to see some old friends again and meet some new ones.