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Monday 3 April 2017

Natter night 3rd April 2017.

Another good turn out tonight, but only three trees were brought along.

First tree for tonight this raft or clump style Cotoneaster, which Susan had done a repot on a few weeks ago.It seems to have benefited from it as the new growth is very strong and healthy.

Another of Andy's trees which also was repotted, a small Quince.

Another Cotoneaster, this one is Ken's.

A rock/ forest planting, while looking closer we even found some wildlife.


Now something I have not mentioned before, my magic trough.
So called as this is where I push parts of trees that have been cut off during styling.
Not so much taking cuttings as they are just pushed into the compost and left alone to grow.

Here are two that were put in a couple of years ago, the one on the left is a Pyracantha and the other one is Blackthorn.

I love this time of year as neighbors tend to clean out the gardens of plants that have grown too big.
As with this Potentilla that was being thrown away today.
This is after the roots were cleaned and it was potted in a training pot.

After thinning and clearing out unwanted foliage.

With some good care I think there must be a nice tree in there somewhere.

Time will tell.

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