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Tuesday 27 February 2018

Natter night 26th February 2018.

Feeling a bit better now after a bout of man flu, but still a bit on the can't be bothered to do anything side.
Boxie  brought this Juniper to have the wire removed, which took quite a while.


Ken brought this Rhododendron as it seemed to have a problem. After a good check we decided to have a look at the roots and think we solved what was wrong.
When this tree was potted it was put into a mixture of peat and Kanuma, which is used in Japan for acid loving trees, but as this tree is European it did not like the Kanuma which was evident when it was removed from the pot. Where there was peat the roots were fine but where there was Kanuma there were no roots, so we cleaned it out and planted into Ezo grit to try to save it.

We will just have to keep a close eye on the tree and give it some TLC for a while.

Saturday 17 February 2018

NO, Natter night.

Just in case anyone was thinking of coming to my natter night on Monday19th February,I have had to cancel due to other comitments.
Thought I would add a photo of better times.

Thursday 15 February 2018

Bonsai Thursday with Dave.

Today when Dave arrived I was checking this Larch, which is starting to show sign's of coming to life again.
I had already cleaned up the surface of the soil and top dressed with fresh compost, and noticed that it was in need of a repot. Another question, do I use the same pot or replace ?

Maybe this one.

Or this one.

What does anyone else think ?

Monday 12 February 2018

Natter night 12th February 2018.

Spring must be on it's way, as I had three trees and four visitors tonight

The three trees belong to Ken M, seen here taking wire off a Cotoneaster.

One of my other visitors removed some wire off this Hawthorn, { also Kens }

Anyone recognize this fellow. Getting to be a regular here at Ronin is Robert Porch.

Wire removed.

Then Robert gave us a lesson on choosing the best planting angle for the Hawthorn.

Always nice to have Robert here as we learn something new each time he comes.

1st in ten.

This is not only the first repot of the year, but the first in ten years for my Hawthorn group.
I have always found mid to late February a good time to collect Hawthorn, so it must also be a good time to repot, as long as you can give protection from frost.

Nice to see fresh new root growth.

After a little trim there is still a good root ball.

This is all the root that was trimmed.

There is room in the pot for new roots to spread.

Back in the pot and watered in.

A job well done.

Sunday 11 February 2018

Maple buds moving.

The buds on my Acer Palmatun are showing signs of swelling already, so I will be keeping an eye on them.
This tree is always one of the first to show signs that winter is coming to an end.

A close up of the buds.

It is going to need a repot as the roots are starting to push the tree out of the pot.

I moved some of the compost when checking for dampness and I can see roots all over the surface.

Friday 9 February 2018

Not always tidy.

When I show photos of the studio, people keep saying how tidy it is, well just to show it is not always like that.

Stuff just seems to pile up on the worktops.

Looks better when put away.

Take everything off the shelves, throw out the rubbish and clean down before replacing the good stuff.

Full but much tidier.

Now I won't be able to find anything.

Spring ?

It must be getting close to Spring as this morning the sun is shining and I have started to clean up in the studio.It is either that spring feeling or maybe because I needed more space for the goods I brought back from the Trophy show last weekend.

Up to now nothing has been thrown away, that will come later, the benches have also been painted.
Looks tidy for now.

Thursday 8 February 2018

Getting close.

After looking in the green house, I think repotting time is getting closer.

Potentilla starting to move already.

I don't know how to spell the name of this one, something like Rhuis, but it is going mad.

Bonsai Thursday, with Dave and Boxie.

When Dave and Boxie arrived we had a discussion about pots for certain trees, which is us getting prepared for the fast aproaching repotting season.

My basic compost mix ready to go.

This Cotoneaster will be potted for the first time.

These two pots are possibilities, depends on what the roots are like.

Almost forgot about these wire brushes, bought at Noelanders last weekend.

We also spent quite a long time telling Dave about the fun we had.

Tuesday 6 February 2018

Nice new pots.

Here are the photos of my new pots bought at Noelanders show.

Nice drum pots.

Three from Walsall Ceramics.

One of Mark Jones new hand thrown pots.

Three from Sabine Besnard.

One from  Japan.

Two off Bonsai Centrum.

These next three from Lotus Bonsai Studio.

This one was bought with a tree in mind, not just to look at.

I think I was reserved this year on the amount I bought.