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Monday 12 December 2016

Natter night 12th December 2016.

It turned into a very wet night but people still turned up for my natter night, sadly only one tree was brought along to be worked on.

This Cotoneaster brought by Susan G as she did not like some cut off stumps near the base and wanted to know how to deal with them.

This is one of the stumps before working.

The night seemed to turn into a carving lesson for Susan as I showed her how to make the stumps a little more natural.

These two stumps were roughly carved to show her how to make them look better.

I also showed her how to clean up existing deadwood and how to treat with deadwood preserver.

I did manage to do some work on this Larch of mine, which needed the main branch to be pulled closer to the trunk.

With the aid of a guy wire I managed to pull it a lot closer than it was.

All in all a good nights work.


  1. Ray can i please email you with some questions about a mountain maple I am planning to train. Cant seem to find a direct contact though. Regards John

    You can find me here on facebook.

    You can find me here on facebook.