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Monday 31 October 2016

Natter night 31st Oct 2016.

I think a lot of my usual visitors must have been out trick or treating tonight as it was a little quiet.

As usual Ken brought one of his Common Junipers for a clip and a bit clean up.

This is one of two that he has and is looking very healthy.

Boxie spent the time adding more wire to this Itoigawa Juniper.

Still a lot to do Mike.

I meanwhile tackled this Mame Juniper.

It now has it's first styling.

I brought my Maple into the light to show off the colour and could not resist another photo.

Love the Autumn colour.

The tree's this morning.

A photo of my trees this morning.

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Sunday 30 October 2016

Autumn clean up.

Now that Autumn is upon us, a lot of people think there is nothing to do with the trees, when in actual fact it is a busy time of year.

Once the leaves have dropped clean up the soil surface of any debris that has fallen to avoid any bugs and other nasty things breeding in there.

Acer Palmatum looking very colourful.

Larch ready to drop any day now.

Hawthorn group almost bare.

Dawn Redwood has also dropped most of it's leaves.

It is also a good time to clean the bark and branches of any algae the has built up over the Summer.
Do not forget to give the pots a clean as well.

Thursday 27 October 2016

Bonsai Thursday with Dave.

Some months ago I started work on this Chinese Juniper and today decided to do a little more.

How it was when I bought the tree.

A change of angle and a guy wire made a difference.

After a clip out I decided to create Jin out of the apex.

The Jin on the trunk needs more refinement.

But that will come later.


I also did a little more cleaning on this Common Juniper.

A good afternoons work.

Monday 24 October 2016

Natter night 24th October 2016.

A busy night for visitors with seven people coming, but not much to work on as regards trees.

Ken M brought this Cotoneaster to work on and to show us the colour of the leaves and berries.

After a small clip it is now a bit more open.

This Common Juniper, which is one of my tree's, also had a rework.

It now has a much more open image.

A new visitor Jack brought a couple of young Fuchsia plants for some advice.
 Still in flower.

A nice change from the normal green of trees.

Ken's Juniper.

During the workshop with Robert Porch on Saturday I took this photo of Ken M with his triple trunk Juniper.

Every now and again I manage to capture a really good image and I think this is one I am proud of.

Saturday 22 October 2016

Workshop day with Robert.

A very good day was had by all five participants of today's workshop here with Robert Porch.
Some of the trees that were worked on today.

More trees.

As Andy P was the first one here his Squamata Juniper was started first.

Robert started by removing unwanted branches.

Then Andy started to wire the rest of the branches.

After branch placement by Robert, it now looks like a tree, instead of a bush.

This Scots Pine which belongs to John G was next to be worked on.

John wired the tree.

Then Robert placed the branches, closely watched by John.

Ken's Triple trunk Chinese juniper was the next one to be treated by the master's touch.

After a light prune, Ken added a small amount of wire.

The finished Juniper, a very nicely refined tree.

Margery brought this garden center Cotoneaster to work on today.

After some guidance from Robert she wired the whole tree.

She was very pleased with the finished weeping style.

This Juniper which Brian T brought was the first of two to be styled .

Brian assisted by Boxie, or was it the other way round, wired the tree.

A closer view before work began.

After wiring and styling a nice image emerged.

After discussing this Juniper with Robert they decided which would be the best way to go with it.

So the wiring duo started again.

Robert then placed the lower branches.

The apex was then turned into Jin.

Then Robert had another tweak.

Ken's second tree, the Yew on the right, was clipped and wired.

The Yew looks much more compact now.

A great day of work and education for all,  by an excellent tutor.

Thank you once again Robert.