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Thursday 6 October 2016

Bonsai Thursday with Dave.

When Dave came today he saw the image I had created from the tree he brought last week and was he surprised  with how well it turned out.


While he was here I took advantage of his knowledge and expertise to pick out one of my trees to work on when I do my forthcoming workshop with Bjorn Bjorholm up in Glasgow.

This is the one we agreed on.
A False Cypress Boulevard, which is a tree I have had for well over Twenty years.

I collected this tree from a garden and have worked on it a long time.

It has been styled in different ways but I think it could be a lot better than it is at the moment.
This is the angle I think will make the tree look good, but I will wait and see what Bjorn thinks.

Although I have attended workshops in the past, I have only ever been a participant at one other before and that was a very long time ago.

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