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Sunday 5 April 2020

Not quite the end.

I am sorry to have to tell you this, but my blog here on E Blogger is due to be closed down. After eight years of posting I have had enough of my photo hosting site, not only holding me to ransom with ever increasing costs, but also an ever decreasing service. So I have set it in motion to cancel my subscription to photo bucket and this will result in not being able to show on the blog.

However you can still see and follow my blog on Facebook.

So when the photos vanish so will the blog.

This is just one of the problems I am having.

Thursday 2 April 2020

White Pine.

This is my Kokonoe white pine and I have been asked why I have a rubber cover over the top of the pot. It is because we get a lot of rain around here and the tree does not like it's roots very wet.

The tree lost a lot of branches until the pot was covered up and kept a bit dryer.

No problems now, as you can see by the new buds.

Hinoki Cypress.

My tree for today a Hinoki Cypress, started last year from nursery stock.

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Chinese Juniper.

This Chinese Juniper is about ready for a clean up and trim.