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Tuesday 10 January 2017

Natter night 9th January 2017.

Even though I was a bit under the weather with a slight dose of flu and not fully in the mood for Bonsai, I still enjoyed the night with the regulars who turned up.

Tonight's first tree was this Cedar Andy brought, it needed to have the wire removed, which was done by Andy and Boxie.

This tree has really grown a lot in the last year and has filled in quite well.

After dewiring it was decided to leave it for a while to recover and will be rewired in a couple of months time.

Susan G brought this small Acer for some advice on styling, which was discussed, but with it still being winter we decided not to wire at this time, as the cold could make the wire mark the bark.This will also be done when the cold has abated a little.

Finally this Larch brought by John G for advice about how to style it.
Boxie asked everyone to pick what would be their front and it turned out that we all picked a different one.
We then discussed the pro's and con's of what would be the best for the tree, which will be done when John decides which idea he likes best. 

It turned out a very good night of gaining knowledge from each other, which is what these get together's are all about.

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