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Monday 20 February 2017

Natter night 20th Feb 2017.

A really good night once more, made all the better by another visit from Robert, who gave us more instruction in this beautiful pass time of working with small trees.

Andy watching intently as Robert applies some wire to his newly purchased Pine.

This is the Pine as it was before.

After Robert worked his magic and placed the branches.

Meanwhile Ken started on a repot of his Black Pine.

It was more a change of planting angle than a full repot.

But what a difference it made to the tree.

This afternoon I decided to do some work on this Juniper to surprise Robert when he came tonight.

It turned into a very nice image, so much so that Andy bought it off him.

I also gave Margery a hand to wire this small Juniper.

Which also created a nice image.

This dwarf Fushia that Ken brought to repot into a better pot was also sorted.

The pot, a nice cascade by Walsall Studio Ceramics.

When put together looked very good.

Finally My Hemlock after all the wire had been removed by Boxie and myself.
Thanks Mike.

A very productive and busy night, with plenty of really good banter.

You have to have fun and enjoy doing Bonsai.

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