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Thursday 10 August 2017

Bonsai Thursday with Dave.

Dave and I had a busy few hours today, in the sunshine as well.

Dave's first job today was this ex garden Maple, which has grown very well this season.

After a good cut back of the longer branches, he left one on the apex to grow to thicken and create a better taper with the trunk, where it had been chopped.

This Maple also had a little light pruning.

After pruning, sorry this photo is too bright, we are not used to the sunshine.

I meanwhile did some work on this Taxus.

After a thin out, I wired the whole tree.

I then placed the branches, mainly to allow light into the canopy to promote back budding. There are still to many branches on the tree but these can be removed when we see how the tree grows.

Fudge the cat seems to think I cannot see him hiding in between my trees.

Busy but very enjoyable.

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