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Monday 6 August 2018

Natter night 6th August 2018.

Another busy night with plenty trees to work on.
This first tree a very nice Cork Bark Elm, which Robert brought for some advice.

It's a funny thing that trees of the same variety turn up at the same time, as Boxy also brought another Cork Bark Elm to be dewired, which Tony said he would do.

The angle was so he could see where the wires were and not cut branches off.

Then Boxy gave it a trim.

This is Ken's Hawthorn, back for another clip out.

After a slight prune it is back in shape.

This Maple which Robert brought at first sight looks like all it needed was a trim, but on closer inspection shows it needs a lot of work to make it into a nice tree and a long time to correct the faults.

After explaining the bad parts of the tree to Robert a course of action was planned for the future.

The tree will be potted into a more suitable pot in the spring and one branch air layered off.
I do not think trees should be potted into seed trays, as this one is, as they are too flexible to keep the roots steady

Another visitor tonight, quite apt for a natter night, a Natter-jack toad.{ I think }

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