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Sunday 9 June 2019

Turn around.

Do you turn your trees very often ?

You should, everyone has a viewing angle that they like the best and want to see their trees from there. But if your trees are not turned on a regular basis they will grow one sided. They should be turned a quarter turn once a week throughout the growing season, to promote even growth all over.

We all like to view our trees from the front, but if you are getting guests and they are round the other way, by all means display them how you will, but return to the angle where they will benefit the most.

Also by doing this you get to see different things in your trees, because you are looking at them longer at another angle.

I have been turning my trees but not as regularly as I should have been.

After a discussion with Robert Porch a couple of weeks ago, I am now.

Just pick a day and stick to it every week.

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